ABC Bingo

Fro Baby needed a new game that I could play with her but also allow her to play alone. While cooking dinner during a difficult week where my patience had run thin and the girls were screaming. I thought about how if they had something to entertain them things would be so much better right now.  While pulling out pj’s for Fro Baby and Baby G I happened across their Color and Shape Bingo game and thought that would be a great busy game for them that I could also participate in. Then thought about the older girls and decided to change it up. So I came up with a few fun preschool  literacy activities and this one was a hit.

I sat down that very night tired from my day but determined to make my tomorrow better. Went and searched online for a Bingo Generator, and thought you know what I can do this myself. So I pulled out my supplies and made my own. Played it the next day and found many doubled up letters. So I opened up my laptop and I checked out Bingo Generator again and noticed that they had plenty of bingo games to choose from, I chose the Alphabets for something quick and easy.
Of course Fro Baby knows her Alphabets but it does not hurt to keep them in play. So we played the next night while I was cooking dinner. This game turned out to be a hit with the girls.
Early the next day Fro Baby played the game by herself while Baby G was sleeping and I was making breakfast. She picked up a letter and placed the bead on the corresponding letter. Later I noticed that Fro Baby was trying to spell out her name on the Bingo cards, which leads me to printing out more Bingo cards for a couple of good games.
Baby G just enjoyed being apart of the game. She did a good job at placing the beads inside the boxes. I have a few activities that I want to try with her. I generally try to follow their lead. I find that I can get better results (less resistance) if I follow their ques.

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