What is Tiny Tots Adventures?

Tiny Tots Adventures is about the many adventures that my little ones have. They do arts and crafts, learning, exploring, crazy dancing and lots of eating and sleeping (Yes, you can sleep during an adventure.) I have learned from these Tiny Tots of mines that just waking up and going through their day is an adventure for them and I hope to share our adventures with you all.

Who is the person writing Tiny Tots Adventures?

Well, since you asked. I’m a mother of four very lovely young ladies (14, 10, 3, and 1). I’m from Chicago but currently visiting/living some where else in Illinois. I’ve been blogging on and off for about nine years but never really took it serious so I never made it this far where I need an About Me page. I am currently hold a crap load of unusable information that I have paid for (lies it’s very usable, Fine Arts, Medical, Early Childhood Learning). I plan on rejoining the workforce once Baby G is old enough to go to Pre-K

Tell us more about the Tiny Tots that you write about.

We have Fro Baby (formally known as Afro Baby), she is very moody at this moment that I am writing this but that could change at any given minute. She loves to paint and swears that she can draw and write (she can). She is an early riser, something like 5:30 A.M. and a late to bed sleeper. Fro Baby amazes people with her super powers to make a sad person happy again.

Then there is Baby G, she is a loving little person that likes to be held as much as possible right now. She has fun with uncapping and recapping all objects with a cap and some without. She loves to sit in her stroller while you walk her around until she falls asleep. Baby G wows people with her ability to speak (as if they never heard a 15mth old talk) and to keep up with her older sisters. Baby G is a very determined girl and when she sets her mind and eyes on something she gets it.

Well that’s just about it, if you have a question leave it in the comment section, I do respond to all comments at this moment via email or on here.

I hope that you enjoy our little foot print on the “World Wide Web”,cause we sure do enjoy sharing with you. If you want to stay up to date with what we are doing (we are always doing way more than I share here) click on of those many Social Buttons that I have. We wont bite maybe just annoy the mess outta ya.


Tiny Tots Adventures


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