Beading and Stringing

beading and stringing pasta

Hey guys! We have been busy playing and getting ready for the holidays. Part of getting ready for us includes decorating around the house with festive colors. My one year old can now help with the decorating and while helping she will be working on hand eye coordination and some fine motor skills for toddlers.

This activity that I am going to share with you was great for my one year old. She has been loving it and every time I setup our station she’s ready to go.

We’ve been stringing beads and pasta yawl!

It’s fun and easy to setup. It’s a great way to really observe your toddler and watch their brain just go to work. I just love to observe how hard they are going to work at learning a new skill.

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All I needed was:

To get this going we first started with our rigatoni and pipe cleaners. I don’t make my children participate, I invite them to help me by me just setting up and playing by myself. This usually gets my one year old in and wanting to help. We don’t do much talking, we do more observing and then mimicking. She watched me as I strung the rigatoni on the pipe cleaner over and over again, then she preceded to grab her own and do one herself. She speaks when she needs help, for the rigatoni and pipe cleaners no help was needed.

Beading pasta

I then moved to a slender pasta and spaghetti. Once again she observed and mimicked my work. This was a little more complicated for her. The hole on the slender pasta is smaller than the hole on the rigatoni, so it required more concentration.

We also played with the strings and beads, did a lot of mixing and matching . This was fun for my one year old. She is still playing with pipe cleaners and pasta and occasionally the string and beads. She’s getting better at all of these and she’s able to pick up the beads a little faster (no, a lot faster) than she was when we first started.


beading and stringing pasta


Well until next Monday! I hope that you enjoyed this post.

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  1. pasta fun! We’ve not played with pasta as much as I’d like. Maybe we’ll do something for the holidays!
    Susen @ Dabbling Momma recently posted…Turkey Tin Hidden MessagesMy Profile

  2. Kate says:

    A superb post! The way you colored the pasta worked out really well as well. I’m going to visit my 2-year old cousin now and play with her with these.

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