Calendar Time: Back to School Setup

Preschool Calendar Time Board

I always wanted to post about our Learning Room Calendar Time Board, but just be never really had the time. Well I just got done updating our calendar for the new learning session.

Putting together a calendar for my girls takes some real time for me. I am limited in my money and sometimes I just don’t feel that some things are worth buying when you can make do without. So it takes me a long time to build them. Everything on my calendar this year was free to me. I either already had it or I could easily print it out. So that means that all the printable that I am going to share with you are FREE.

This calendar was inspired by the fold away Calendar from ABC’s to ACT’s. I had never done a big calendar for my girls and I liked that hers was interactive and I noticed that my girls like to be very involved in the whole learning process. Meant time for me to update. I liked that I didn’t have to go buy extra stuff to make this happen and I didn’t have to go buy that big calendar that I was eyeing in Michael’s.

Let’s get to what’s on this board

Preschool Calendar Time Board

We have the School Supply Calendar set from ABC’S to ACT’S. I like this calendar but her weeks were too big for my board so I had to make my own to fit. But what I did like was her months, which fit my months holder from the ones I made for a previous calendar board. I copied her exact method to put it up cause that’s the calendar look I wanted. Cut numbers out and laminated, the months are not laminated but inserted into a cut in half sheet protector that closed off on the top with clear packaging tape. Attached to the board with some long magnets.

Preschool cClendar Time Board

Then we have the Days of the Week and Months of the Year on the sides. I got these from A Day in the Life of a Classroom Teacher. I loved hers, BTW hers is also a fold out calendar. I cut and laminated these.

Preschool Calendar Time Board

I forgot where I got the Seasons of the year. I thought I pinned it but I guess I didn’t. But when I find it I will update. This is taped to a black piece of card stock and then covered in packaging tape.

Preschool Calendar Time Board

Build the Day! That is something I did quickly in Google Docs one late night a while back. I have that taped to one of my girls old German assignments and then taped with packaging tape. I have all the numbers tied together with a piece of pipe cleaner. We had the rings but it wasn’t working well. The pipe cleaners are soft and forces my kids not to rip threw the numbers which makes them tear off.

Preschool Calendar Time Board

What’s the weather today? I got this from Mama Jenn. I looked around for the right one and I liked hers the most out of all them. Now this comes with a lot of little squares to cut out. If you have a laminating machine then great you can cut them out and get a lot of them on one sheet. If you don’t have a laminating machine and are going the packaging tape route then, Honey get comfortable. The weather cards are all on rings and put away for now.


Now we have the boarder. If you’ve seen any of my other boards then you know own that I buy those, but this time I went looking and everything was the same shirt I’ve passed on a couple of times. So I picked up some construction paper, then put it down cause I had some at home. Got home and took an old border and traced and made my own. To make them a little more durable I covered in packaging tape. Next time I’m going to try some Scrapbook paper.


Okay guys, let’s talk about the board itself. Four large foam boards. I took two and used some poster gum and placed them back to back, then four pieces of tape one on each side to keep it closed. Now you should have two thick foam boards. Take those and place them length wise side by side and tape with packaging tape right down the center on both sides.

Presdchool Calendar Time Board

Everything on the board is stuck on with clear office tape, magnets, Velcro tabs, and a few push pins. Everything on this board comes from my local Dollar General. I mean everything from the paper to the packaging tape.

  • Copy paper $2
  • Packaging tape $3.84
  • Foam boards $1.50 per board
  • Construction paper $2.75
  • Office tape $1
  • Push pins $1
  • Velcro strips $1
  • Magnets $2
  • Pipe Cleaners$1

Total $17.84 + tax

I make a new Calendar Time Board every season. If you would like to see some previous and or upcoming boards , then let me know by hitting that like button under the post.

I can’t share what you like if I don’t know what you like.

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  1. FANTASTIC and FRUGAL, way to go! You got it all in and looks great!~
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  2. This is great – I especially love the days of the week with yesterday/today/tomorrow.
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  5. This is lovely! I work with students from K-post secondary and we All need a calendar that quickly keeps everyone organized… Thanks for sharing.

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