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The Amazing Human Body

Let’s Look Inside A Bone

This week The Early Childhood Education Theme is My Body. I have been holding on to this Human Body Factivity Skeleton and Book provided by Parragon Books as part of the Book Buddies program for a while, just for this theme. When we read through the book The sections about our bones fascinated my girls. So much so that we had to do a project to help them really understand them.

Name Learning Envelope

Name Learning Envelope

This week for the Early Childhood Team the theme is Mail. We had lots of fun with this theme but I am going to share with you all our name learning activity that actually helped both my girls. I presented my girls with this fun activity that they helped me put together.

Arctic Edition: Mother May I? Gross Motor Game

Welcome to another TeachECE Wednesday post. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday break. For our first week back the theme is Tundra (What is that?). I chose to do a spin off of an old game that I use to play as a child that had lots of movement, counting and question asking. It really is a great gross motor game that your child will have lots of fun playing and if you’re having a bad day…. Just try it out and see if your day is still bad after.

Old McDonalds Farm Sensory Bin

With a moo here and a moo there. Animal sounds are all that I have been hearing this week and it’s all my fault. I let the girls help come with an activity for this week Nursery Rhyme theme for our Early Childhood Education Themes. (This post contains Affiliate links)

For the Nursery Rhyme theme, we ended up singing and playing in our sensory bin. The setup was easy and all you need to make it happen is some black beans, farm animals toob, alphabet bottle caps, and a sensory bin. You can add spoons, pots, and other sensory bin play items also.

The 5 Senses of Wiggly Jiggly Jell-o

The dogs ate our project y’all. As a matter of fact, it was so tasty that they ate it twice. While we are glad that the dogs thought our project was tasty we had not finished seeing how many of our senses jello used.

I didn’t come up with this 5 senses project for my girls, my five-year-old did, she loves jello. So much so that she makes it on her own. ( She always practice safety and someone older is always in the kitchen with her. ) She presented the project to me when I told her what our next Early Childhood Education theme was. Ready for it? Well, here it goes.

Numbers 6-10 Pre-Writing Activity

We have been having  really hectic weeks lately, and it’s been leaving me with less time to plan activities. That’s okay with my girls because they love when we learn on the fly, and that’s exactly what we did with this week’s Early Childhood Education Theme: Numbers 6-10.


With no real plan in mind that means I didn’t pull any resources for the week, so I had to use what was at hand. In the end, we ended up with a week long hands-on pre-writing activity that was engaging and creative for both my two and five-year-olds.
Some of the skills we focused on were: counting, tracing and following directions.
My Neighborhood Community Helpers Activity Square Image

My Neighborhood Community Helpers Guess Who

The Early Childhood Theme this week is My Neighborhood and when I looked at it I was kind of stumped on what we were going to do. Thankfully the FedEx guy showed up and this Community Helpers post was born.

This week the game that I am going to share with you is a Community Helpers spin-off of Guess Who? This game is good for developing speech and language skills, but mainly I used it to teach some descriptive elements to my girls. That visit from the FedEx guy showed me later that both of my girls could be describing the same person, but no one would know it. I needed them to learn from each other to kind of round them out.

Exploring Numbers 0-10 Pretend Garden Meal

Pretend Garden Meal

Welcome to another Early Childhood Education Wednesday post. Where the Early Childhood team shares free themed hands-on activities that you can try with your early learner. Last week we explored Shapes and this week we are exploring Pretend Play. At the bottom of this post, you will find more pretend play ideas for your early learner.

Life kind of got the best of me the week before and I didn’t have much time to put into planning our homeschool week. So, I put together a few simple activities using only pretend food to keep them busy and allow me time to play catch up during the week.

With these activities, we worked on language skills, writing, numbers 0-10 (written, number words and 1:1 Correspondence) and a few other skills that just popped up through play.

Exploring Shapes with Yarn

Exploring Shapes with Yarn

Welcome to another Early Childhood Educational activity, this is where a group of educators and parents share some free hands-on early educational activities for you to try with your early learner ages 2-5. Last week we explored Forest Habitat and this week the team is exploring Shapes.

This week we are exploring shapes. My girls love to point out the different shapes in other objects and they love to create using shapes. We love that we can draw, paint, sculpt anything we like using just the basic shapes. Last week I gave my girls some yarn and told them we were going to be using it for the week to explore shapes. We had a great time and these are just to of the activities that we had fun doing.


Please excuse the photos. I am not great at taking them and we are retaking photos today.

Forest Habitat Diorama

Welcome back to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday Post. This where a team of parents and educators share some Themed hands on learning activities for kids aged 2-5. Last week we explored Families, and this week we are exploring the Forest Habitat. (More Forest Habitat posts at the bottom.)

We had so much fun last week. We tried something kind of new and it was inspired by Dabbling Mommas Diorama for Sprout kids. I had never made one before and I thought that this would be the perfect time to try it out.

(This post contains affiliate links)

I took a crafty hands on learning route with this activity. We worked on a few skills as well as learned more about the forest habitat and some of it’s inhabitants. My toddler has been really cutting up a storm and with this activity we worked on cutting on the lines, circles, and not cutting a paper completely through (I hope that made sense).

The first element of the Forest habitat that we made were trees. Coniferous trees to be exact.