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Family Roles Craft and Activities

Welcome to another Early Childhood Education Wednesday post, where a team of homeschooling and educational bloggers share free hands-on learning activities for you to try. Last week’s theme was Teddy Bears, this week’s theme is MY Family.

Last week we talked about family and one of the activities that my girls liked the most is the one that they are still wearing right now as I type this up. This activity has my four-year-old spelling the words sister, and almost daughter.Family roles bracelets and activities for kids aged 2-5 .

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

I thought that this was going to be a dud week because we had been hunting/missing the postal delivery man daily (seems like when I want something to hurry this mess happens. Please tell me I’m not the only one), but nope. So, I am going to share the fun that we did have with these quick and easy Teddy Bear Cards I made for the week and our Teddy Bear Book.

Alphabet Activities

Measure with leaves. Measuring with non-standard units of measurements.

How Long Am I? Measuring With Leaves

Welcome to another Early Childhood Education Wednesday post, where a team of homeschooling and educational bloggers share free hands-on learning activities for you to try. Last week’s theme was Numbers 0-5, this week’s theme is Fall STEM. (If you are looking to find out more about what STEM is )

I had this great idea that we would measure things around the house after a nice trip to the library for a fall read and a walk with our baskets to collect leaves.

Reality: Woke up looking a hot mess, the severe asthmatic kid couldn’t breath, the 2-year-old has been having crazy crying fits, there is dog hair everywhere and it’s making my allergies not respond well to antihistamines and I got a sick kid who can’t make it to school. So the library trip was a no go.

My girls were still up for a project (That’s what they call the lessons we do). It just so happens that I ran to our Dollar General a couple of days ago looking for some fall decor. Leaves were a part of this purchase.

Home-made color counting book and activites for preschool aged kids

Counting Colors Book and Activity

Welcome to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday post, where a team of homeschool and education bloggers share some free hands on lessons once a week. This week’s Theme is Colors, last week we covered All About Me. This week I am sharing about a oops on momma’s part that turned into a fun lesson

I was going to do a craft with the girls. When we went to grab some materials we discover that we had no brown pom poms to work with. 🙁 That means momma needs to go to the store and, I don’t do store runs unless I have a nice list.

So to figure out what other color pom poms I needed, I pulled out our color cards (given to me by my best friend, I laminated them to keep them safe to pass on). We laid them on the table and the girls went and grabbed one pom pom of each color. From there they figured out which colors were missing.

After we figured what colors were missing we looked at our jars and guessed which colors we had the least of. To see if we were right we placed all the pom poms on their colors, then counted each color.

Preschool Theme: All About Me

All About Me Booklet

Welcome to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday post. This weeks Preschool Theme: All About Me , last week we covered Teaching Responsibility.

We had a very fun week learning all about ourselves. I tried to present activities that both of my girls could participate in. Each one got something different out of each activity and with each activity they discovered a few new things about themselves and that makes me happy.


With our “All About Me” topic I touched on

  • Name
  • My Body
  • My Likes
  • Family
  • Emotions


We put together an All About Me book for each of the girls and we took our time putting it together. So by the end of the week we had a nice sized book that covered a few areas about that I touched on.

Teaching ABC's hands on activities

How We Learn Our ABC’s

Wow! I can’t believe that I have been blogging this long where I am able to share with you the many ways that we have learned our ABC’s. The subject this week for the Early Childhood Education post is Learning the ABC’s, last week we shared Making Friends. today I’m excited to share how I worked with my younger two for learning their ABC’s.

To be honest I was not the first who taught any of my kids their ABC’s. All of my girls learned from watching TV. We use to watch WTTW’s Sesame Street (before it became PBS Kids and Sprout) and they taught my girls their ABC’s first. Of

Starting routines for back to school time

Back to School: Starting Routines

Hey guys it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for me to start back to posting on Wednesday. Last year we participated in Playful Preschool and this year I am participating in the Early Childhood Education Team. You will still get the free themed hands on play activities that I have been sharing with you all, but we will now be focusing on all early childhood education instead of just preschool. This first month we will be focusing on the basics and the first topic that we will be talking about is School Prep.

For my family prepping for going back to school starts with routines. I always start back with our night routine to get into the groove of things. A good night routine will make a morning routine run smoothly. We start our back to school routine the last week of the month before school starts. This year I am using a printable that I got from ABC’S to ACT’S for free. A visual for the kids is very helpful in reminding them of what they must do next. (Just think about the Getting Things Done method of planning your day.)