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Writing Tray

Up-Cycled Writing Tray

I created a writing tray from a recycled box that has been a big help for my three-year-old. It makes writing a more feeling activity and this helps her to understand the lines that she is creating. I recommend that before you start to use this tray that you create a few letter and shape card and have your child trace them with their fingers. This will help them to learn the lines and curves. Once they have done that for a while you can then move on to this writing tray.

Exploring the after effects of an ice storm

Exploring After An Ice Storm

This post is a little different from what we normally share, but I thought this was so fun and my girls really enjoyed our week.

We have moved from the Windy City to Sunny North Carolina. The problem is that there is nothing sunny about it right now. We came in and the weather was beautiful but that changed the very next day. The theme this week is ice and I would like to say that I struggled with what to do but the truth is thanks to nature I didn’t have to prepare anything.

Arctic Edition: Mother May I? Gross Motor Game

Welcome to another TeachECE Wednesday post. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday break. For our first week back the theme is Tundra (What is that?). I chose to do a spin off of an old game that I use to play as a child that had lots of movement, counting and question asking. It really is a great gross motor game that your child will have lots of fun playing and if you’re having a bad day…. Just try it out and see if your day is still bad after.

Snowman Treats

#Playfulpreschool Do you want to build a Snowman,Treat!

Welcome to another Playful Preschool post. Playful preschool is where a group of fabulous bloggers bring to you weekly themed activities for free. Last week we gave you Healthy Kids and today were talking Snowmen. So I’m bringing you some Food Fun for Kids.

Sometimes it’s good to unwind after a week of hard learning with some SWEET FUN!