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Paper Plate Santa

A while back we made these cute paper plate Santa that my girls had fun making while I was busy in the kitchen I like crafts that they can do on their own or with a little help. It lets them feel like big girls and gives them the confidence to try to do harder crafts on their own before asking for my help.

Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments

Last week on Thanksgiving my mother in law was cleaning out things that she no longer needed or used and I seen these two beautiful boxes that sparked my imagination. I was tossing everything out the boxes when my 11-year-old point out some nail polishes and told me not to toss them. We kept them along with a few eye shadows and yesterday we used them for a project. We made some Salt dough holiday ornaments for our tree.

Christmas and Kwanzaa Calendar Numbers

Normally during the holiday season we just put a sticker on the days we celebrate and just cross out our days as usual, but this year with our new calendar I wanted to try something a little more creative and different for us. (This post contains affiliate links)

Our calendar this year has reusable numbers that attach to our board. That leaves me to have to print out a few different calendar number seasons and I didn’t want to do that this year. Our family celebrates both Christmas and the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa, and none

candy cane ornaments

Candy Cane Ornaments

Hey guys! Hope that you are enjoying your holidays. It’s time for another Frugal Friday and what perfect timing, it’s almost time for Christmas and we have been decorating our tree. This Friday I am sharing with you guys one of our Candy Cane Decorations. If you can’t tell by now then let me tell you, I LOVE CANDY CANES! Candy Cane Sensory, Candy Cane Science, and Candy Cane Crafting… They’re cheap and you can do a lot with them.

candy cane oobleck

Candy Cane Oobleck: Toddler Sensory Play

Happy Monday guys! Today I want to share with you some messy fun that my toddler and I had. We enjoy a little toddler sensory play, especially when it’s messy like this was. (On her level)

My toddler has a problem with getting messy, but she always wants to play in the messes that my preschooler and I make. I usually give her a spoon or something to help her play with us, and that is just fine for her, but this time I really wanted her to touch and feel what we were playing with. So in order to have her touch I had her aid in preparing the mess that we were going to be playing with, in hopes that she would finally get the need to touch.

DIY Sticky Tree

DIY Sticky Christmas Tree

Hey, guys! Well, today is Friday so you that means I’m coming to you with a Frugal Tip or Craft or whatever I’m doing that’s frugal at the moment. I enjoy this section because if you have not figured out by now, but I’m cheap. It seems that so are you, because if you were not you would not be reading this.