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ladybug sorting

Bottle Cap Ladybugs

I wasn’t going to make this post but I seen that my ladybugs were a hit and I was asked about them. So I’m going to make this quick, simple, and sweet. Sorry I don’t have any images of me creating them, but since I see I’m asked about our DIY’s often I will start taking  pictures  of the process from now on.

Alphabet Road

Alphabet Road: Beginning Sound Matching Activity

Hey guys and welcome to another Playful Preschool  Wednesday  post. This were a team of wonderful mommy and educational bloggers come together to share free themed activities for you to try with your preschooler. Last weeks theme was puzzles and this week  the theme is transportation. If you check at the bottom of this post you will find lots more fun transportation activities for you and your preschooler yo enjoy, for free.

My girls love toy cars and last Christmas they got lots of them. Trains , planes and boats are all cool but nothing to them is cooler than a car that can go vroom vroom. I decided to play off their love of toy cars and came up with a great game from both my toddler and preschooler to play.

This activity was easy to setup and my girls were able to help with the setup. I found that if I let my preschooler help set up activities she is more into playing with them after. When she don’t help with the setup then I might not be able to provide this here post. The setup of this activity was great for a little gross movement and you will find at the end on this post that my girls made some more gross movement fun out of this one little activity.

Snowman Treats

#Playfulpreschool Do you want to build a Snowman,Treat!

Welcome to another Playful Preschool post. Playful preschool is where a group of fabulous bloggers bring to you weekly themed activities for free. Last week we gave you Healthy Kids and today were talking Snowmen. So I’m bringing you some Food Fun for Kids.

Sometimes it’s good to unwind after a week of hard learning with some SWEET FUN!

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan: Health Kids

Well guys I’m back again with another Playful Preschool Wednesday Post. This is where a great group of bloggers share some hands on activities that you can try at home with your preschoolers. Today the theme is Healthy Kids. So I will be sharing a little bit of our routine that we use to keep my preschooler healthy.

polar animals

Polar Animals Mega Bloks Puzzle: Preschool math activities

Well, how yawl doing guys? I hope that you enjoyed your Holidays! We enjoyed ours and we are super excited to start back with our #Playfulpreschool Weekly Wednesday posts. Last month the Playful  Preschool team covered Reindeers, Evergreen Trees, Lights, and their Best of Preschool posts.

Today we’re sharing Polar Animals. My preschooler had fun with this simple to put together a puzzle. She loves puzzles! So I thought  it would be fun to put together  a puzzle for her using some Mega Bloks and a print out that I got from MyCuteGraphics.

ABC Mail: Community helpers

ABC Mail Delivery: Community Helpers

Welcome to another Playful Preschool post! If you have missed any then CLICK HERE to play catch up and see what themes we’ve covered. This week we’re talking Community Helpers and I chose to keep with my love of preschool alphabet games and came up with a fun sorting game.

Dinosaur Hatching

#Playfulpreschool Dinosaur Hatching

Welcome to another wonderful week of Playful Preschool. Where a fabulous team of mommy and teacher bloggers come to you once a week to share some terrific educational ideas. This week we’re talking DINOSAURS (ROAR!), and I am going to share with you all one of our Easy Sensory Bin Recipes by Theme. To see more great educational activities and fun then check below and watch the hashtag #Playfulpreschool.

Fall Leaf Number Words

#Playful Preschool Learning Number Words with Fall Colored Leaves

This week is all about Fall Colors and we enjoyed working with while learning about Fall and Fall Colors. We talked about why the leaves change color during the fall, the temperature change, and more. Right now our leaves are still pretty much green with some hints of yellow for the most part, but Fro Baby does know that the leaves change colors. Since we don’t have any fallen color changed leaves, the foam ones that I found at the Dollar General are going to come in handy for what I want to do. With a little modification of my activity, I opened it up for me to introduce something new but not so new to Fro Baby. Number Words!

Harvest Time Math: Tiny Tots Adventures

#PlayfulPreschool Harvest Time Math

I welcome you guys to my #Playfulpreschool post today. If you would like to see more #Playfulpreschool activities that you can do with your preschooler then follow the hash tag or click below.

The theme for this week is Harvest. We really happy to share our harvest post with you guys. While my post didn’t come out exactly how I planned it, we did have great learning experience. We took ourselves over to grannies house for some good grub, love, and some veggie picking. While there granny taught us how to Harvest the cabbage that was growing way to big.

#PlayfulPreschool DIY Farm

Hey guys! I hope that everyone is feeling well and that the days have been going how you like. It’s time for another #PlayfulPreschool post and I hope that you enjoy. This week the theme is Farm and we had so much fun with this project that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all so I actually gave a snippet of what we were doing on Monday’s post.