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Bottle Cap Learning

Bottle Cap Learning: Cheap Educational Supplies

Welcome to another one of my Frugal Friday posts! This is the day that I chose to share with you all some of the frugal ways that I use to entertain, educate, and organize. So, I figured it would help to see some of the Cheap Educational Supplies that I use to aid in teaching my girls. Today we are talking about bottle cap learning, there are so many ways to use bottle caps for learning.

ABC Mail: Community helpers

ABC Mail Delivery: Community Helpers

Welcome to another Playful Preschool post! If you have missed any then CLICK HERE to play catch up and see what themes we’ve covered. This week we’re talking Community Helpers and I chose to keep with my love of preschool alphabet games and came up with a fun sorting game.

Apple- Bet Match

Apple-Bet Match: A Lowercase and Upper Case Letter Recognition Game

An educational spin on a classic party game.
We all remember Bobbing for Apples when we were younger.  Now let’s add some lowercase alphabets and some uppercase alphabets and you know what we have then?
Alphabet Relay! I fun movement game that will have your child running for the alphabets.

Alphabet Relay

It’s Relay Day of the ABC countdown and we had a fun time (minus the wheezing). Our plans changed once again but this time they changed because Fro Baby wanted to do something a little different than what I had planned.

ABC Bingo

Fro Baby needed a new game that I could play with her but also allow her to play alone. While cooking dinner during a difficult week where my patience had run thin and the girls were screaming. I thought about how if they had something to entertain them things would be so much better right now.  While pulling out pj’s for Fro Baby and Baby G I happened across their Color and Shape Bingo game and thought that would be a great busy game for them that I could also participate in. Then thought about the older girls and decided to change it up. So I came up with a few fun preschool  literacy activities and this one was a hit.

Brought to you by the Letter Bb!

What a weekend we had. Our morning routine has made a change. We still have our calendar time But we have now added our alphabets and let me tell you this was a easy thing for me to do.

Afro Baby is now into the alphabets and that means momma Better make a plan and so a plan I made. We are doing 26 days of alphabets, not Business days but days. If we stop for a weekend I wont be able to get them all done cause this kid has a short attention span.

With the letter Bb, today I added to her day of the week surprise box (pill holder) some BB pellets to represent the letter Bb.  (I know if you want to know why we have them then ask and I will tell about it.)

We also fished the Colored Rice for glass marbles and sorted the letter Bb from the rest of the marbles.

When teaching the letters I also feel the need to include how to write/draw each letter, so for that we turned to corn meal. Thanks to my Best friend who works in this field I was able to ask for help with teaching Afro Baby to write and this is a suggestion that she gave. So far its working, we have never worked with cornmeal before last week.

Afro Baby was confident that she now knew the letter Bb so I pulled out the ABC HUNT game and she took her Big Blue dry erase marker and circled only the capital letter B’s, thats when I noticed that there were only two of them on the page. She was okay with that Because after the third time she was done. (She went to the Bathroom and I erased her work, she got a drink I erased, she sat for a min to do a little dancing with her sisters and I erased just having fun with the kid)

Afro Baby jumped out her chair and got started on her next project. With the Blue and Black Beads she took the string and Began to string them up. During this activity I took the time to really talk to her about the letter Bb.

We discussed the all the activities that she had done and how many of the things that she used that started with the letter Bb. Throughout the whole morning I emphasized the letter Bb in each word that I said so that she could get the sound. This made it a little easier for her to pick up Bb sound and tell me what all we used today that might have started with the letter Bb.

Tomorrow is the letter Cc’s turn,  wonder how Cool she will think it is.