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Explore a plant eating dinosaurs stomach and learn how long it takes to digest their food with this simple project.

Plant-Eating Dinosaur’s Diet Exploration

Hey Guys, I have a review for you. I was sent 1000 Extreme and Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts by Discovery Kids, published by Parragon Books, a couple of months ago to review as part of a Book of the Month. (While I’m compensated for this, all opinions and activities for this book are my own.)

Let’s get into it. This book was a winner when I first opened it because it was dinosaurs, my girls are major dino heads. We cracked it open right away and they started to wow at the images and infographics. This book has some beautiful images, and the facts that are inserted in the images stand out but doesn’t take away from the pictures.

Candy Cane Slime Dough

Candy Cane Slime Dough

Hey Guys! I’m coming to you all with some fun that we had a while back making Candy Cane Play Dough. Now the first time that we made it, it came out more like a solid slime then play dough. Play dough make a great sensory material for preschool sensory activities, toddler sensory play, and just plain old fun.

Candy Cane Experiment

Hey guys, I’m coming to you all really quickly to give you a little experiment that we did the other day with candy canes. I’m sharing it right now off schedule because tomorrow morning a post will go live that uses this experiment to make something totally cool and fun, for your toddler to play with. This is a little experiment that I did with my preschooler for some preschool science that we dragged out into four other fun materials.