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Bug Sensory Bin

Easy Bug Sensory Bin

Last week the theme for my class was Buzzers, Hoppers, and More. So I put together a  bug sensory bin that my kids could play with until all of the kids were in the room. This bin introduced them to the theme, allowed them to socialize, was a great quiet activity, and allowed them to use their imagination.

I put this bin together in 5 minutes with the help of my five and three-year-old. Every morning they came in and helped me set up my class for my morning welcome activity. I am going to share with you how one sensory bin over the course of five days can provide lots of learning and how the children retained the knowledge that they gathered each day.

Old McDonalds Farm Sensory Bin

With a moo here and a moo there. Animal sounds are all that I have been hearing this week and it’s all my fault. I let the girls help come with an activity for this week Nursery Rhyme theme for our Early Childhood Education Themes. (This post contains Affiliate links)

For the Nursery Rhyme theme, we ended up singing and playing in our sensory bin. The setup was easy and all you need to make it happen is some black beans, farm animals toob, alphabet bottle caps, and a sensory bin. You can add spoons, pots, and other sensory bin play items also.

The 5 Senses of Wiggly Jiggly Jell-o

The dogs ate our project y’all. As a matter of fact, it was so tasty that they ate it twice. While we are glad that the dogs thought our project was tasty we had not finished seeing how many of our senses jello used.

I didn’t come up with this 5 senses project for my girls, my five-year-old did, she loves jello. So much so that she makes it on her own. ( She always practice safety and someone older is always in the kitchen with her. ) She presented the project to me when I told her what our next Early Childhood Education theme was. Ready for it? Well, here it goes.

Exploring Numbers 0-10 Pretend Garden Meal

Pretend Garden Meal

Welcome to another Early Childhood Education Wednesday post. Where the Early Childhood team shares free themed hands-on activities that you can try with your early learner. Last week we explored Shapes and this week we are exploring Pretend Play. At the bottom of this post, you will find more pretend play ideas for your early learner.

Life kind of got the best of me the week before and I didn’t have much time to put into planning our homeschool week. So, I put together a few simple activities using only pretend food to keep them busy and allow me time to play catch up during the week.

With these activities, we worked on language skills, writing, numbers 0-10 (written, number words and 1:1 Correspondence) and a few other skills that just popped up through play.

Halloween Inspired Sensory Bin

I put together this quick and easy sensory bin not too long ago for my girls.  With this bin, we worked on some fine motor skills, color sorting, counting, patterns and just good ole fun.

This post contains affiliate links. While I did not purchase all of our sensory bin items from amazon, I was able to find alternatives for you in case you can’t find an item in your area.

Fall LEaf Sensory Bin

Fall Sensory Bin

It’s getting cool and crisp outside and the grass is changing colors. We know this season and for us it’s one of our favorite seasons. Fall is coming! To celebrate the start of fall I put together a simple Fall Sensory bin that they played with while I read a few books over the weekend. If you like this and would like to see more sensory bins then check out Easy Sensory Bin Recipes. There you will find lots of easy sensory bins that you can quickly put together on the fly.

Items used

F is for Flower! an easy flower sensory bin that can be used for counting

F is for Flowers Sensory Bin

We have been having some lazy days over here. Even though the girls have been learning, it has been feeling like they have just having fun. I put together this easy sensory bin recipe over the weekend for my toddler this week. Our focus letter for the week is F and for us F is for Flowers. This Sensory bin should be fun for the girls. They usually get a chance to play with it on Sunday but this Sunday was pretty busy with visitors.

ladybug sorting

Ladybug Sorting Sensory Bin

For the month of May we are exploring the color Orange. I had it in the plans to explore red, but my preschooler let me know that orange is the color this month. So that’s what this week’s easy sensory bin recipe will be.

A couple of weeks ago I made up some ladybugs for some math fun. My girls are still on the ladybug kick and asked for some orange ones also, so I obliged them.

I would like to apologize right now for the images. This sensory bin has both red and orange ladybugs but they all look like red ladybugs in these pictures.

Letter R Sensory Bin

Last week our letter of the week was rhe letter R. So I put together another easy sensory bin recipes by theme focusing on the letter R. This was kind of a toss up on how I was going to do this. I went with things that start with the letter R for this one.

I used my preschooler to find things in our “Creative Learning Center” that started with the letter R. This helped to work on her beginning sounds, and allowed her the chance to out a sensory bin together for her little sister.

Triangle Sensory Bin

Triangle Sensory Bin

This month we are exploring  Triangles and what better way to explore this shape than with an easy sensory bin recipe by theme. Last week I shared with you our color of the month sensory bin (yellow) that was fun for my toddler.

We are huge fans of sensory bins and this triangle sensory bin is no different. It took me a little more time to pull this one together because we didn’t have any triangle manipulative to work with.