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Yellow sensory bin

Spring Time Yellow Sensory Bin

Well it’s a new month, so for my girls that means that we get to explore a new color. Last month we explored the color Green and this month we are exploring the color Yellow. So I am going to share one of my easy sensory bin recipes by theme with you all today. This sensory bin was fun for my toddler.

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galaxy sensory bin

Galaxy Sensory Bin

Welcome to another Playful Preschool Wednesday post, where a group of bloggers share some free hands on play  thematic activities for preschool aged kids. To see more fun hands on play activities, please click on the links of my team members. Last week was all about Life Cycles and there were some fantastically fun posts shared, this week is all about Space.

I put together this sensory bin in under a minute and it was fun. So much fun that  even though we are working on a different theme this week, this bin is still sitting out and more stuff has been added to it since I typed up this here post.

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Green Things Sensory Bin

Green Things Easy Sensory Bin Recipes

Omgoodness! I’m super excited to share this easy sensory bin recipe by theme with you guys. Why am I excited you ask? Simple, because I did not put this together. As a matter of fact I don’t think I would have even thought this up, and I put together a lot of sensory bins. So I don’t really know how to go about talking about this one so let’s start here.

For the month of March the color that we are exploring is Green. We love green right now, in all shades. So last week while working on our Calendar Time wall in the color section my toddler told me she was making a green bin that day. I looked at this kid and said “Well have at it.”

Square sensory bin

Square Sensory Bin

Last week we started playing with squares, so I made this really simple easy sensory bin recipe by theme.

The object of this bin was to help reinforce the square shape for this month. Throughout the month we will be working with the she square. So this for us is a great starter bin for the month And super easy to put together.

Rainbow Sensory

Rainbow Snow Sensory Bin

To be honest we didn’t do much learning during this week but I wanted to keep with our theme for Playful Preschool ( a group of educators and mothers providing hands on play ideas for preschoolers every Wednesday). This week the Playful Preschool theme is rainbows, last week we played with transportation and the team shared some really great activities.

When we think of rainbows we think of spring. We love to watch the flowers bloom and the constant rain fall. But what we really like to watch happens after the rain. You can find them in the sky or in the puddles on the ground. We’re talking about them colorful rainbows. I absolutely love rainbows and I hope that my kids love them as much as I do.

Alphabet Bottle Cap Sensory Bin

Alphabet Bottle Cap Sensory Bin

The toddler and I have been playing with the Alphabets  this month and she has been having lots of fun with them. One way that we played with the alphabets  last week was with a fun sensory  bin.


The activities  that we played with last week all used bottle caps so to keep with my bottle cap use I decided that this sensory  bin would use our uppercase  bottle cap alphabets. What a great idea this was.

red beans and rice

Red Beans and Rice Sensory Bin

One of our favorite meals in my home is Red Beans and Rice, among the girls. This Sensory Bin was inspired by my second child picking all the beans from her red beans and rice.

What makes red beans and rice so special is that you can have them as a main dish (which we often do) or a side dish. My preschooler loved this sensory bin, after I dressed it up for her. My toddler really enjoyed the challenge of this sensory bin and the tools that I added for extra fun were perfect.

Circle Sensory Bin

Blue Circle Sensory Bin

My toddler is currently working on the shape Circle. She has been having all kind of fun with the circle and I thought it would be nice to give her a circle sensory bin. If you read this blog then you know that I like things to be easy while at the same time getting my learning across. So here is another Easy Sensory Bin Recipe for you guys showcasing the Shape Circle.


I have been playing with my toddler lately and I have been kind of following her lead, she has been focusing on the Shape of the circle. We have been learning all about its roundness and the many sizes that it can be. We have looked at all the different places that you can find a circle and she is just absolutely fascinated with it. So I put together this Circle Sensory Bin when we were first playing with it. This seemed to have been a hit with her and it was able to hold her interest throughout the week that we were learning the color blue.

snowman Sensory Bin

Easy Snowman Sensory Bin

Hey yawl! Today I want to share with you all our Snowman Sensory Bin. This is so easy to put together and if you didn’t use all your ice balloons from last week’s Easy Ice Sensory Bin then this here will be even easier for you. If you would like to see more Sensory Bin ideas then please visit our Easy Sensory Bin Recipe by Theme page.

Ice Sensory Bin

Easy Ice Sensory Bin

Hey guys, I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. Today I want to share one of my Easy Sensory Bin Recipes with you all. This Sensory Bin was super fun and most importantly for me, easy to put together. The only requirement is that you have enough room in your freezer for everything.

You probably already know that we love sensory bins and sensory activities over here. So it was only right that I share a sensory bin that was befitting of the weather that were having. We’ve had some great weather but what we really had was a lot of rain and cold weather. What does rain and cold mixed together make? It sure isn’t snow! So an Ice Sensory Bin is what I will share.