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Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments

Last week on Thanksgiving my mother in law was cleaning out things that she no longer needed or used and I seen these two beautiful boxes that sparked my imagination. I was tossing everything out the boxes when my 11-year-old point out some nail polishes and told me not to toss them. We kept them along with a few eye shadows and yesterday we used them for a project. We made some Salt dough holiday ornaments for our tree.

20+ Fall Leaf Crafts for Ages 2-5

Fall is here, Fall is here! We love Fall over here and one aspect in particular that we enjoy is the changing of the leaves. The girls enjoy going on walks In the crisp air with baskets and picking up leaves. Sometimes the problem for me is what to do with all the leaves that they find. Well, this year I asked around for a little inspiration and, boy do I feel inspired after reading through these wonderful crafts.

As you know I try to keep all crafts that I share budget friendly. So all of these are good to do if you are working with a small budget. Not all of these crafts use real leaves or uses leaves at all.

Autumn/Fall leaf crafts for children ages 2-5

Recycled Fire Starters

Recycled Fire Starters

So summer is here and with my family that means lots of cooking outside. Last year I spent a lot of money on fire starters because I don’t do lighter fluid. This year I was not spending a dime out of my pocket for fire starters. So I thought about it and after reading the box of an old starter I pretty much had a knock off in mind and it would require my kids help.

Snowman Treats

#Playfulpreschool Do you want to build a Snowman,Treat!

Welcome to another Playful Preschool post. Playful preschool is where a group of fabulous bloggers bring to you weekly themed activities for free. Last week we gave you Healthy Kids and today were talking Snowmen. So I’m bringing you some Food Fun for Kids.

Sometimes it’s good to unwind after a week of hard learning with some SWEET FUN!

Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting

You’ve seen them in our Easy Fall Sensory Bin and now I’m posting about them. Pumpkin painting is a nice painting activity for toddlers. It’s a nice start with pre-writing and I enjoy the conversation that I have with my toddler when it’s just us painting.