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Bug Sensory Bin

Easy Bug Sensory Bin

Last week the theme for my class was Buzzers, Hoppers, and More. So I put together a  bug sensory bin that my kids could play with until all of the kids were in the room. This bin introduced them to the theme, allowed them to socialize, was a great quiet activity, and allowed them to use their imagination.

I put this bin together in 5 minutes with the help of my five and three-year-old. Every morning they came in and helped me set up my class for my morning welcome activity. I am going to share with you how one sensory bin over the course of five days can provide lots of learning and how the children retained the knowledge that they gathered each day.

How many bugs can they shove in the box at once.

Fine Motor Skill Garden Boxes

The theme last week in my class was Gardening. So I put together some fine motor skill boxes for the kids. These were easy to set up, didn’t cost much to put together, and are great for allowing the kids to explore if you give no instructions. Out of all the activities that we did that week, this was the kids favorite and led to the most interaction. It’s not easy to keep a toddler’s interest for long periods of time and this activity was able to do it.

Creative Expression Group Activity: Under the Ocean

Oh wow! It’s been a while since I have written. I think I might have forgotten how this goes, but I’m back ladies and gentlemen. I now have a full class and we have been doing lots of fun activities and this week for the Early Education theme we are talking Oceans.

My class did a group creative expression a few weeks ago that they still go and visit on the wall every day. This project works on Fine Motor Skills, Creative Expression, Spacial Recognition, and Social Interactions, and Self- Regulation. Once the artwork is done and up on display, it leads to Dramatic Play.

beading and stringing pasta

Beading and Stringing

Hey guys! We have been busy playing and getting ready for the holidays. Part of getting ready for us includes decorating around the house with festive colors. My one year old can now help with the decorating and while helping she will be working on hand eye coordination and some fine motor skills for toddlers.