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Toddler Activity Webbed Bin

I made this webbed bin for the toddlers to play with in the morning and it turned into much more than a play toy. It’s easy to put together and you might have all the equipment on hand to create this fun toddler activity.

As you all know I like to have activities out in the morning as the kids start filing in that will keep them engaged and help promote active conversation. (The morning is kind of critical to the tone of our room for the day.) This box did just that and we ended up using it well past the week that I planned for.

Bug Sensory Bin

Easy Bug Sensory Bin

Last week the theme for my class was Buzzers, Hoppers, and More. So I put together a  bug sensory bin that my kids could play with until all of the kids were in the room. This bin introduced them to the theme, allowed them to socialize, was a great quiet activity, and allowed them to use their imagination.

I put this bin together in 5 minutes with the help of my five and three-year-old. Every morning they came in and helped me set up my class for my morning welcome activity. I am going to share with you how one sensory bin over the course of five days can provide lots of learning and how the children retained the knowledge that they gathered each day.

The Power of The Stick!

I wanted to write about our outings exploring our new town since we moved, but didn’t know how to go about it. This move has been a God bless for use but something of a hard situation to deal with as well. My younger children have been having a hard time trying to cope with all that has been going on and I have been having a hard time trying to help them during this transition. It wasn’t until I started to really look through our pictures and I saw that they had found a way to cope and I was just not responding how they needed me too.

5 DIY’s For Your Homeschool Room

After looking through all the entries to the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, I was moved by these 5 projects that can make a big impact on your homeschool learning room or your playroom. These projects don’t cost much to complete and are not hard for you to complete yourself.

Writing Tray

Up-Cycled Writing Tray

I created a writing tray from a recycled box that has been a big help for my three-year-old. It makes writing a more feeling activity and this helps her to understand the lines that she is creating. I recommend that before you start to use this tray that you create a few letter and shape card and have your child trace them with their fingers. This will help them to learn the lines and curves. Once they have done that for a while you can then move on to this writing tray.

Books That Help Empower Kids

Sometimes in life things just don’t go our way. We end up feeling down and like we just can’t get it right. Well, that’s when it’s time to pick up a book and get inspired to be the best you that you can be.

With our new move came new jobs, new schools, new friends, and new feats. My five-year-old was feeling a little slum about things and it was so much “NEW” to her that she felt that she just couldn’t do it all.

Books that empower children to be great

The Amazing Human Body

Let’s Look Inside A Bone

This week The Early Childhood Education Theme is My Body. I have been holding on to this Human Body Factivity Skeleton and Book provided by Parragon Books as part of the Book Buddies program for a while, just for this theme. When we read through the book The sections about our bones fascinated my girls. So much so that we had to do a project to help them really understand them.

Hunting For Building Blocks

I was in Target the other day and seen that their Mega Bloks were on sale. So being the sale nut and Mega Blok lover that I am grabbed them and threw them in the cart. My world came to a halt right there. My three-year-old, five-year-old, and 11-year-old screamed “PUT THEM BACK!” I was floored not by them screaming at me but by them telling me to put them back.

The girls have outgrown the Mega Bloks and they don’t want anymore. They want Legos, but I hate Legos. So, me being the mom that I am, I negotiated with the hostiles. Which leads to this post right here.

We are on the unt for new building blocks. CLICK THE IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE!

Name Learning Envelope

Name Learning Envelope

This week for the Early Childhood Team the theme is Mail. We had lots of fun with this theme but I am going to share with you all our name learning activity that actually helped both my girls. I presented my girls with this fun activity that they helped me put together.

Cutting strips with scissor recommendations

Cutting Practice Strips with Scissor Recommendations

My three-year-old and five-year-old likes to use scissors. When they first started they weren’t as skilled as they are now with them. We first started with play dough and the play dough scissors to help build their cutting skills, we eventually moved on to these cutting strips that I am going to share with you. These they actually enjoyed more than the play dough cutting activities. This is really easy to set up and you probably have all the materials already.