Counting Colors Book and Activity

Home-made color counting book and activites for preschool aged kids

Welcome to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday post, where a team of homeschool and education bloggers share some free hands on lessons once a week. This week’s Theme is Colors, last week we covered All About Me. This week I am sharing about a oops on momma’s part that turned into a fun lesson

I was going to do a craft with the girls. When we went to grab some materials we discover that we had no brown pom poms to work with. 🙁 That means momma needs to go to the store and, I don’t do store runs unless I have a nice list.

So to figure out what other color pom poms I needed, I pulled out our color cards (given to me by my best friend, I laminated them to keep them safe to pass on). We laid them on the table and the girls went and grabbed one pom pom of each color. From there they figured out which colors were missing.

After we figured what colors were missing we looked at our jars and guessed which colors we had the least of. To see if we were right we placed all the pom poms on their colors, then counted each color.

Home-made color counting book and activites for preschool aged kidsWe then moved on to pipe cleaners doing the same thing. When we were done figuring out what colors were missing, I had them clean the explosion of colors up using tongs.

We made a list of everything we were missing and what we were low on. (Mommas shopping list) This list now a page in their Counting Colors Book that we made.

Counting Colors Book



  1. Fold the copy paper in half length wise and then fold back on that fold. Use a boning stick, your nail, scissors to make the fold tight
  2. Cut or rip along the fold line
  3. Stack them all or use how many sheets you need
  4. Take the stapler and staple the edge in three spots. Top, bottom and middle
  5. Take the fabric tape and cover both sides of the booklet on the staples.

That’s it

Home-made color counting book and activites for preschool aged kidsI made a quick sheet of different images in the different colors for my girls to cut and glue inside on each page.

For my four year old, I wrote a number from 1-10 and an image along with the color of the image. I wrote the color word, added one image, and wrote number word on the bottom of the page using a highlighter for her to trace over.

For my three year old I added one image per page and let her cut and glue the matching images. After her book was done we read the book counting each image on the page. For some of the pages she had a little story to go with it.

This book took a while to do because my kids are three and four so they do not have the patience to sit there and do it all at once. So we broke it up and it took us about three days to complete along with the adding our pom pom and pipe cleaner findings.

Home-made color counting book and activites for preschool aged kids


This week I put together a simple playlist on YouTube that we let play while they did some of their activities throughout the week. They didn’t really have a favorite video this time.

Looking for more Color Learning?

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26 Responses to Counting Colors Book and Activity

  1. Devany says:

    What authentic learning to help make a list!
    Devany recently posted…Color Surprise Game for KidsMy Profile

  2. Danielle says:

    What a fun and effective project! Love the YouTube playlist!

  3. Theresa says:

    What a great activity! Kids would have such a blast putting it together and then using it again and again.
    Theresa recently posted…What Color Am I? Kindergarten Guessing GameMy Profile

  4. Looks like you had so much fun. Book making is a great way to learn.
    Jodie @ Growing Book by Book recently posted…Rhyming Activity: Crayon Color ChantMy Profile

  5. Kim says:

    Thanks for the playlist! My daughter will love those!
    Kim recently posted…Free Color Sorting Mats with SpinnersMy Profile

  6. Clarissa says:

    I like how you used the color cards! And what a great idea to make a you tube play list based on the current theme!
    Clarissa recently posted…Fine Motor Color Sorting ActivityMy Profile

  7. Cerys says:

    What a great early year book making activity – we’ll be giving this a go
    Cerys recently posted…Solar System PoetryMy Profile

  8. I love that you spread the book-making activity out over several days! What a fun DIY Colors Book. Thanks for the playlist – we’ll check it out!
    The Preschool Toolbox recently posted…Mouse Paint: Learning About Colors in Preschool! #TeachECEMy Profile

    • Natasha says:

      Yeah, I cant get the girls to sit for longer than about 20-30 minutes a day so I have to spread it out. Glad you like and I hope that the playlist is helpful to you.

  9. What a fun and easy activity you can do with supplies already on hand. Sorting is such a great early math skill!

  10. what a fun color counting book!
    susen @Dabbling Momma recently posted…Back To School School Bus CraftsMy Profile

  11. I love how you integrated learning into making a list to prep for everything!
    Mary Catherine recently posted…“I See a Rainbow” Preschool Color ActivityMy Profile

  12. Lauren says:

    We are doing color sorting with our 2 & 3 year old right now and this looks really easy to do! Thanks for linking up with the FrugalMommas team!
    Lauren recently posted…She Holds His HeartMy Profile

  13. Emma says:

    The making-a-list activity turned out to be a great one in itself! Love when activities like that just happen!
    Emma recently posted…“My Name Is” Free PrintableMy Profile

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks, I think so too. If more activities went like this heck if more days went as smooth as this one I would think about having more kids.

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