Cutting Practice Strips with Scissor Recommendations

Cutting strips with scissor recommendations

My three-year-old and five-year-old likes to use scissors. When they first started they weren’t as skilled as they are now with them. We first started with play dough and the play dough scissors to help build their cutting skills, we eventually moved on to these cutting strips that I am going to share with you. These they actually enjoyed more than the play dough cutting activities. This is really easy to set up and you probably have all the materials already.

I am going to give you my recommendation on scissors for the beginners and the advanced users and you can choose which you think you prefer. We have used quite a few pairs of scissors in our home cause everyone in here likes a different feel and we have two left-handed people, three right-handed, and one ambidextrous person. So you can imagine the amount of scissors that we have tried. I do say if you try a pair that your child is not comfortable with then try another until you get that perfect feel and it really does make a difference in how they cut.


  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Sharpie

Cutting StripsDirections:

  1. Cut the construction paper into strips
  2. Take the sharpie and dry straight lines the short way, diagonal lines, and more straight-lined patterns

Have the child cut on the line as best as they can? That’s really all there is to it. Because I have two my youngest just mimicked what she saw her big sister doing. So I do suggest that you make yourself a set if you don’t have an older child for your littlest learner to mimic.Cutting skills practice strips and scissors recommendations


Scissor Suggestions


Fiskars Pre-School Training Scissors
These are easy to grip and the plastic is pretty thick. They are very durable and the little piece in the middle helps the scissors bounce back open when the child is learning to cut. I recommend that they start with these until the get the hang of opening and closing the scissors.

Westcott Preschool Training Scissors
These are pretty much the same as the Fiskars but the plastic is not as thick. My two-year-old used these for a while and they were her favorite. They fit her hand a little better than the Fiskars. But they broke and had to be replaced a couple of times.

Westcott Kids Saf-T Scissors
These are great for a child who is ambidextrous so they work well for both left and right-handed children. Now they are crappy cutters with paper, so we use them for play dough cutting only. But they make great starter scissors as well. Once again I have to say they broke on us. You have to be careful with rough cutters with these.

Westcott Child Safety with Nylon covering
My fat fingered child loved these for the finger holes but she hated how they felt in her hand. The grip is not the best but she will use them because they fit her fingers. They cut pretty okay but could be better. They are good for the intermediate cutter that is just leaving the preschool scissors.

Westcott Left and Right Handed Kids Scissors
Perfect scissors for your pro cutter right now. They are comfortable and they come in both blunted and pointed. My five-year-old uses the pointed version of these and my now three-year-old uses the blunted version. They are smooth and we have not had a pair break on us yet (4 years counting).

Westcott Soft Handle Pointed Scissors
These are my five-year-old favorite scissors. She uses them when it’s just her and I doing a project because they feel the best, cut the best, and when we are doing intricate cutting she can get into places that the other scissors won’t allow.

These are some of the scissors that I have brought for my girls to try out so that we can figure out their grips. They also have tried the old school all metal pair but they both completely hated them as did I when younger. These are the ones that you can also find easily in the store where you live.

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5 Responses to Cutting Practice Strips with Scissor Recommendations

  1. Diana says:

    I need to get my 3 yr old started with scissors and I’ve been meaning to look into recommendations, so I’m so glad I came across this post! He is very small for his age, so his hands are teeny tiny. Do you thing the Fiskars or Westcott preschool training scissors would be better for a smaller hand?
    Diana recently posted…Toddler Play for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  2. Katie says:

    Great idea – so simple but so easy and will definitely help! Thanks for sharing this idea, found you at This Is How We Roll link party!

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