Decaffeinated Sensory Play

Coffee Title

OMGoodness! Did the title give you an idea of what we are playing with today?

This I promise is for a bigger project that I will share later this week for our #PlayfulPreschoolpost. We were setting up for a big project and this caught the girls attention to a point where I put what we were working with up and just let them have fun. SO I will include this hit apart of our Easy Sensory Bin Recipes by Theme.

Coffee folks! That is what my girls are playing with. The smell intrigued them and the texture caught them cause it feels a little like dry dirt. They were sitting there for hours (really hours, with coffee). The girls tasted It, and guess what they are not coffee eaters.
One of the big girls came up with the idea to add some horses to the coffee for a race track (she’s a gambler, she loves the odds. Really I’m not playing she gambles). That’s when the fun started to kick up. They raced them horses all around that track and betting chores and cookies.
Then their Dad came over and put some random animals in the middle and that kept the play going longer. (Yes, Daddy played too. In this house if you walk in the girls Creative Learning Room {Use to be called the playroom but the kids said that the name didn’t fit so we changed it.} and it’s playing going on, you must get in on the action. It just happens that way.).
This was a great unscheduled but scheduled play session. Talk about using the senses! The smell of coffee is strong and as a kid I never liked the smell of it but my kids do. So Coffee Play it is!

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