Easy Bug Sensory Bin

Bug Sensory Bin

Last week the theme for my class was Buzzers, Hoppers, and More. So I put together a  bug sensory bin that my kids could play with until all of the kids were in the room. This bin introduced them to the theme, allowed them to socialize, was a great quiet activity, and allowed them to use their imagination.

I put this bin together in 5 minutes with the help of my five and three-year-old. Every morning they came in and helped me set up my class for my morning welcome activity. I am going to share with you how one sensory bin over the course of five days can provide lots of learning and how the children retained the knowledge that they gathered each day.

Bug sensory bin


  • Medium sensory bin
  • Bugs
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


Optional Materials:


  • Unravel the yarn in the bin
  • Take some scissors and grab patches of the yarn and start cutting
  • Once all the yarn is cut to your desire, start hiding bugs in the bin

How We Played With Our Bugs Sensory Bin

The first day I just let the kids discover the bugs in the bin and they had fun with doing just that. This led to them asking what each bug was and them relaying the answer to each other. Can you imagine hearing 10 kids yelling Dragonfly at the top of their lungs to each other and then flying them around the room, this was fun to see.

Building them fine motor skills to later use when writing.

The next day I added the Helping Hands Fine Motor set minus the twisty droppers and watched as the kids tried to figure them out. When they were ready for me to step in I modeled how to use the tools and provided help when asked. The joy and excitement when one figured out how to use one of the tools was wonderful to see and what was even better was that the child started to help his friends with using the tool.

Using shovels to dig for bugs in our bug sensory bin

For day three we used toy shovels and rakes to dig out the bugs. As they found the bugs I would make the sound that you would hear each bug make. I later that day introduced them to a track of bug sounds and pulled the sensory bin back out for the kids. This time, as they heard the sounds they found the bug that the sound belonged to.

Day four we used magnifiers and examined the bugs that we found in the sensory bin. We examined the difference in the wings on winged bugs and noticed the markings on the different kind of beetles.

Day five we returned to our first-day  sensory bin of nothing and the kids talked about the names of the bugs, the sounds that they made and sorted them by winged and nonwinged. The base of the sensory bin had so much more meaning the last day than it did the first day.

Hoppers, Buzzers, and More Playlist

We had a pretty fun playlist this week. This playlist got the kids to moving and grooving and singing along with all the songs. I played this playlist some mornings while playing with our bug sensory bin.

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Tools We Used

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