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It amazes me the words that children know that we don’t know that they know.
This week the theme for  #PlayfulPreschool is Family/Heritage. I thought up plenty of activities that would help Fro Baby get a grasp of what family is and who is in her family. What I was not prepared for was her knowing the words when she seen them. (How was I not ready for that? She knew the word Sister and Mommy) 

For the first two days of the week we walked around with tags on with our titles (ex. Oldest Sister, Big Sister, Little sister, Mom, Dad, and Fro Baby’s tag said Self). This was just to help to put an impression in her head of the words.
I pulled together a little sheet with some characters on it for Parents, Sisters, and Brothers.  The objective was for her to count her family up and tell exactly how many of who we have and then a total. This is pretty easy seeing how there are only six of us and we have no sons just daughters. (The only problem is that it brought up the fact that she has no brother and now wants one.)
We played this game again but instead of using counters we used tags. (Remember I said we had been wearing the tags so that she can get familiar with the words? Well this is where this comes in handy.) I pulled out all the tags along with a few new ones such as Baby, Parents. The objective of this was for her to place the correct tag in the correct column. Now the only problem that this presented was the Self tag. “Where does this tag go mommy?” Great question baby.  That’s when I pulled out the questions to help her with the process of finding her place.
Me: If the other three are your sisters then who are you to them?
Fro Baby:  I’m **** sister and she’s my sister.
Me: Then where do you go on the chart?
Fro Baby: I guess I’m a sister too.
This is a simple game that even though it’s so simple you can dig deeper and you will be amazed at some of the questions that come up. Like we talked about grandparents and how did she end up with three grandmothers, three grandfathers, and some extra siblings (I have only given birth to four girls no more than that.) The conversations that we have had during this week have been great and had me to dig further in my family and find the connections so that I can supply her with the answers.
We also played a sort of charades. Where I put all the titles along with everyone’s name in a bucket and we acted out the title or name that was pulled and the others got to guess. Fro Baby’s job was to say what roll that person played in the home. The only real rule to this was take turns, raise your hand if you know, and to make sure that you pulled your best positive of the person or title. ( I chose to have them act out a positive act because I feel so often that we focus on the negative and it’s just nice to see what others think of you in a positive way)
This was a bang up week that we had. Fro Baby got to learn about her family and we used our detective skills to figure out connections and roles. We also learned that if you add two parents and four sisters then you have six family members.
The graphics for our chart I got from free clip art


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22 Responses to Family Counting

  1. So simple and easy! Love it!

  2. Cerys Parker says:

    Ohhh lovely seeing some graphing in preschool I like your decorative stones as counters – that’s a fabulous idea

  3. Theresa A says:

    That is cute that the chart made Fro Baby realize she’d like a brother. What a great way to teach about roles in the family!

  4. Awesome way to add math skills into the activity. So much learning available from easy to put together lesson!

  5. What a fun way to practice counting.

    • She counts everything (we have exactly 42 steps in our home) but this was the first time that she got to really see the information that you can get from keeping count.

  6. So funny that she wants a brother now! 🙂 Cute activity!

  7. I really like your idea of wearing tags to help identify the roles in your family, and I love the graphing and counting. I’m still giggling about her wanting a brother now though! 🙂

  8. I LOVE this counting activity as it introduces basic graphing skills! What a wonderful way to integrate math into the Family Theme! Nice post!!

  9. Susen Kuchta says:

    great activity! So many different ways to learn from one activity! By the way your site looks great! It looks like some changes were made, nice!

  10. What a cute idea! I love this intro to graphing!

  11. Jill R. says:

    This is a cute way to teach little ones about the family and math at the same time!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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