Forest Habitat Diorama

Welcome back to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday Post. This where a team of parents and educators share some Themed hands on learning activities for kids aged 2-5. Last week we explored Families, and this week we are exploring the Forest Habitat. (More Forest Habitat posts at the bottom.)

We had so much fun last week. We tried something kind of new and it was inspired by Dabbling Mommas Diorama for Sprout kids. I had never made one before and I thought that this would be the perfect time to try it out.

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I took a crafty hands on learning route with this activity. We worked on a few skills as well as learned more about the forest habitat and some of it’s inhabitants. My toddler has been really cutting up a storm and with this activity we worked on cutting on the lines, circles, and not cutting a paper completely through (I hope that made sense).

The first element of the Forest habitat that we made were trees. Coniferous trees to be exact. They are the most important factor to a forest habitat. The provide, food, recycle the air, shelter for animals, protection for some animals and protection from the weather. They survive the cold, hot, wet, and dry environments. They create the ground and the ceiling of the forest.


Forest Habitat Diorama-Small World Play

Coniferous Forest Trees

  • Green construction paper
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  1. Cut some strips from the green construction paper
  2. Fold the strips in half, lengthwise
  3. Using a ruler draw a vertical line down the fold line
  4. Draw short horizontal lines connecting to the vertical line all the way down the paper (Small spaces between the lines. )
  5. Give the child a pair of child-safe scissors and a few strips


  1. Have the child cut the horizontal lines and not cut pass the vertical line
  2. Roll the strip so that the horizontal cuts will fan out from the top, use paper clips to hold it in place
  3. Stick the uncut end of the roll into a toilet paper roll
  4. Take the cut ends and fold them over the edge on the toilet paper roll.
  5. Remove the paper clip from inside the roll and slowly pull from the top to make the tree grow.
  6. Bend the needles on the tree as you see fit.

There you have coniferous trees for your forest habitat. Some extras that you can do is: Paint the toilet rolls, add some small cones, go in with the scissors and tweak the needles for some skinny and some big, use green glitter and tip the ends or use silver glitter if you’re making them for winter.

After we made the trees we used a shoe box for the base of our forest habitat. I spray painted the shoe box with some white paint the non-glossy type.

Forest Habitat Base

  • Shoe-box
  • Blue, yellow, green construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots
  • Glue pad



  1. Use the blue construction paper and measure the place inside the box and push into the corners to create a crease. Take it out and cut off the excess
  2. Stick the glue dots to the inside bottom of the shoe box and stick the blue paperback inside. Press firmly.

Forest Habitat Sun 2yrold cutting


  1. Draw three circles on the yellow construction paper. ( make one small, medium, and large) Have the kids cut them out
  2. Draw a small circle in the center of each circle
  3. Have the child cut from edges of the circle to the edge of the circle in the center, making sure not to cut the circle in half
  4. Use the glue dots and starting with the largest circle press it firmly on the glue dot.
  5. Add another glue dot in the center of the large circle and press the medium circle on top, repeat for the small circle


  1. Take a cotton ball, press it in the glue pad and stick it to what you call the sky portion of your blue paper.

Forest Habitat Cutting Grass


  1. Rip the green construction paper into strips the long way
  2. Have child cut slits along the ripped edge
  3. Use glue dots and attach it to what you call floor of the blue construction paper

Now we have our base. You can do more to It if you like. Maybe paint in some more white clouds and draw some shrubbery and ferns. You know get crazy with it.

We created a piece of stream in our forest habitat. The streams provide water, food, cleaning, and cooling. Some streams have little waterfalls and nature made bridges (fallen trees and rocks).

Forest Habitat Stream1

To create our stream we used:

  • Blue duct tape
  • Rocks
  • Blue and clear glass beads
  • Low heat glue gun

Find your area and use the blue tape to make the underwater.
Line the edge of the tape with rocks, use the low heat glue gun to stick them down in place
Hot glue down the glass beads on top of the blue tape

Now you have your water source. You can also take some gray construction paper and cut out large boulders and glue them to a wall of the box and take some blue tissue paper and make a waterfall from the rocks into the stream. You can also use newspaper crumpled into a ball and painted grays and browns for large boulders and sit them around the stream.

Forest Habitat Diorama

Since we have not finished ours yet that’s about it to ours. We have played with it during every new addition. As we go through a few of our books we add to it. Right now we are adding our ceiling to our forest habitat and some large trees that have no top to them.

Forest Habitat Dinosaur

“Did you know that some dinosaurs lived in forests? ” Said the four year old. So we have set ours up one day for a Dinosaur Forest habitat and our present day forest habitat. The thing is, there is no real difference in the two just the creatures that you put in it.

For our dinosaur Forest Habitat, we used the Planet Earth Toobs from our local Dollar General. It comes with more greenery and some rocks that we placed around. For our present day Forest Habitat, we used the Jungle Toobs

For our reference books

Who Lives In The Forest?Forest Habitat Diorama

1000 Extreme and Extraordinary Dinosaur FactsForest Habitat Diorama

Children’s Guide to Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric AnimalsForest Habitat Diorama


As usual you know we had a playlist to listen to. This Forest Habitat playlist is just fun and will get the kids to moving.I found one story and it’s not that long, but it did hold my girls interest.


More Forest Themed Activities from the Early Childhood Education Team. #TeachECE

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am going to gather the materials for the kids to make this today! What a great activity to encourage story telling.

  2. Theresa says:

    What an awesome diorama activity! I have all the materials. We need to try this out!
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  3. I love how the kids were so into creating this fun diorama!
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  4. I remember making dioramas when I was young. I bet my kids would love to create these small worlds now too.
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  5. Emma says:

    How fun to make your own small world set-up! I love the upcycled trees! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot.
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  6. Kym says:

    So fun and a creative way to learn! Thanks for sharing this on the Virtual Fridge.

  7. Karen W says:

    This is such a cute idea. It has been a long time since I have made a diorama. I think the kids would love this idea. Thanks for sharing on Littles Learning Link Up. I hope you can stop by again this week and join in.
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