Frog Life Cycle Hopscotch

frog Life Cycle Hopscotch

Hey guys, welcome to another Playful Preschool Wednesday post. This is where a group of bloggers get together and we share free hands on play thematic activities for free that you can use with your preschool aged kids. Last week the team shared activities with the theme Hats, this week we’re sharing activities for the theme Life Cycles.

I’m super excited to share this fun activity that got my girls to swiming, hopping, tossing, and more. For our Life Cycles share I chose Frogs. My girls have been fascinated by the little creatures, so thought this would be a great one to do. I originally want to do the life cycle of plants cause that’s my favorite, but I believe in following my kids interest.

This activity was pretty simple to setup and seeing how we have been doing lots of gross motor activities I knew I could lay this one out without any problems. Lies! I completely fuck ed it up the first three times and shouted at the floor like it was to blame but with the help of my preschooler we got it down.

frog Life  Cycle  Hopscotch

For this activity we used

  • Masking tape
  • Frog life cycle printable from here.
  • Bean bag
  • Pom poms
  • Kids


  1. Use the masking tape to layout a hopscotch board on your floor.
  2. Printout the frog life cycle cards. Cut and laminate
  3. Using clear tape make small loops of tape and stick it to the back of the cards
  4. Tape down the card in order (got my preschooler to do this part)

That’s it for the setup

frog life  cycle  Hopscotch

Let’s play

The rules of our game were the younger girls played the lower level and the older kid I have with me now played the upper level. I’m going to talk about how we played the lower level right now.

The circle cards were at the lower level and they have no words just images so the object was to toss the bean bag on a stage of the life cycle and to imitate how the stage would get around.

If they landed on the egg stage they would not move and wait until their next turn. When you land on the tadpole they were supposed to stand and do a slithering swimming motion to the spot. Land on the pollywog and then do a slither hop (don’t ask not my move). Once you land on the adult frog you can hop.

What really went down was…

frog Life  Cycle  Hopscotch

Hey, it’s what made them happy and we have not had this much fun playing and learning since our number attack activity.

Eventually my little ones ended up playing with the upper level of our hopscotch. For that I picked up all the cards except the first stage. They then would toss the bean bag in a square. Which ever square that it landed in they had to put the correct stage in the square. If they landed on the eggs they got another toss. This was fun for them also, because my monsters like to throw crap, they throw stuff on a regular basis. So giving them permission to throw something right now was like YAY!

Well that’s pretty much it for today. Later

Oh yeah! We watched this Youtube video last week with our theme. The girls liked it and asked for it again and again.


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13 Responses to Frog Life Cycle Hopscotch

  1. Love that they can swim or hop! You’ve got some creative kids!
    Amanda Boyarshinov recently posted…Raise a Praying Mantis | Activities for Kids to Explore Life CyclesMy Profile

  2. Cerys says:

    What a fun game – I love it and going to get my kids to have a play this week.
    Cerys recently posted…Sea Turtle Life Cycles – OrderingMy Profile

  3. Kim says:

    So much fun!!
    Kim recently posted…Fine-Motor Frog Life Cycle CraftMy Profile

  4. Theresa says:

    I love that the stand and slither turned into a lie down and slither/swim. I actually think it works better to lie down when pretending to be a tadpole. That must have been intuitive. What a fun game!
    Theresa recently posted…Ladybug Life Cycle SongMy Profile

  5. learned about the life cycle of a frog and got moving at the same time…win, win!
    susen @Dabbling Momma recently posted…Search and Build Springtime Sensory BinMy Profile

  6. kimberly says:

    So fun 🙂 My kids love hopscotch and I love the idea of adding some learning in to it 🙂 Woohoo!! Thanks for the idea.
    kimberly recently posted…Ladybug Life Cycle Activities & Sensory PlayMy Profile

  7. Danielle says:

    This is a great move and learn activity! My son would LOVE it!

  8. So many fun things to do with a hopscotch board!

  9. Devany says:

    A great idea for active learners!
    Devany recently posted…Frog Life Cycle Recycled CraftMy Profile

  10. What a fun movement and learning activity all rolled into one!
    Colleen Kessler recently posted…Organizing Your Play RoomMy Profile

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