Gratitude Jar: Preschool Sensory Bottle

Gratitude Jar

Hey guys! Welcome to another week of Playful Preschool. where a few fabulous bloggers get together to share with you some hands on play ideas for your preschooler. Last week we talked Nuts and Seeds, this week were talking Gratitude.

For this theme I chose to do an Gratitude Jar with my preschooler. We walked around the house and asked everyone what they were grateful for the most this year and I was surprised at the answers that I got. We talked a little about gratitude and being thankful for the things that we have. For her grateful means things and beings that she is the most happiest with, not the things that she’s just kind of happy.

After learning more about gratitude we were off on a mission to find items in the house that represents some of the things that the family was grateful for. Just so that I could help her and to not make this project take forever I gave her a few choice to pick from within each thing that they were grateful for.

The items that she chose were:

  • Monopoly house – home
  • Monopoly game piece car – travel
  • Clothes pin day of the week – family ( The day of the weeks are family clips that we give to each other when someone is leaving for long period of time. It’s a symbol to say come back or I will return)
  • Homemade little book – written word
  • Nuts and popcorn – food
  • Die – growth

After she was done picking out her items we talked about why she choose each one of the items. Some of the items that she choose she thought about multiple things that she was grateful for and for one she wouldn’t pick just one item she wanted both nuts and popcorn. This was a fun activity because it got her to see how many things she really was thankful for. After this activity she actually gave her sisters really big hugs when they got in that day and told them that she was very happy that they are her big sisters and help to take such great care of her.

A couple of days after this activity at the end of our lesson, we placed all her items in a jar along with a few beads and sealed it. Once the jar was finished she started to explore and find the items and immediately recalled why she chose some of them. She couldn’t wait to play with her little sister with the gratitude jar.

Well that’s it yawl, I’m off to play with my tots. Hope that you enjoyed, later.

Gratitude Jar

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6 Responses to Gratitude Jar: Preschool Sensory Bottle

  1. Devany says:

    Very creative representations!
    Devany recently posted…Teaching Kids Thank You in Different LanguagesMy Profile

  2. What a great way to teach preschoolers about symbolism! I love that the jar brings back thoughts of gratitude each time they pick it up.
    Theresa (Capri + 3) recently posted…Gratitude-Put Your Best Foot Forward Footprint Craft and Activity #playfulpreschoolMy Profile

  3. what a sweet activity!
    Susen @ Dabbling Momma recently posted…Toilet Paper Roll Advent CalendarMy Profile

  4. So fun. I love ideas that get our kids thinking about what they are grateful for in their lives.
    Jodie @ Growing Book by Book recently posted…Elf on the Shelf Ideas: You Have Elf Mail!My Profile

  5. Amanda says:

    Sometimes its the simple things that help our kids catch on to gratitude the most!

  6. Love this visual jar for encouraging kids to THINK about Gratitude! Great idea!
    The Preschool Toolbox recently posted…The Giving Tree – An Attitude of Gratitude in Preschool!My Profile

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