The 5 Senses of Wiggly Jiggly Jell-o

The dogs ate our project y’all. As a matter of fact, it was so tasty that they ate it twice. While we are glad that the dogs thought our project was tasty we had not finished seeing how many of our senses jello used.

I didn’t come up with this 5 senses project for my girls, my five-year-old did, she loves jello. So much so that she makes it on her own. ( She always practice safety and someone older is always in the kitchen with her. ) She presented the project to me when I told her what our next Early Childhood Education theme was. Ready for it? Well, here it goes.

Your gonna need: a box of jello mix ( your choice of flavor), 1 cup of boiling and 1 cup of cold water, large bowl, wooden spoon, jello molds or cups.

Feelling the spilled jello

When my five your old makes jello she likes everything about it. She enjoys how when you open the package “if you tug too hard you can rip it and if fly all over the place, it’s going to get in your nose, and then your snot comes out whatever color the jello is.” ( This is cool in her world.)

Handling the hot water is fun also when the hot water touches the jello mixture, a fruity smell comes up.

Stirring the Jello and listening to the sounds the spon make as it scrapes the bottom of the bowl.

Two minutes can be a long time for a kid sometimes, but two minutes and you can hear the rhythm of the spoon as you stir the bowl and make up your own song.

Add your cold water and stir.

filling jello molds

To fill the jello molds, they used droppers. It took one squeeze to fill one small flower and 2  and 1 small squeezes to fill up our monster molds.

removing jello from mold

Unmold the jello shapes when set and, enjoy.


A few things that my girls notice with their five senses

  • The texture changes during the process
  • The temperature changes more than once
  • The smell of lime jello only when it’s hot, but not the taste of lime jello
  • It makes a “PLOP!” sound when you drop it on the plate
  • It’s very shiny and looks like clear rocks when you break it up
  • When you eat it, it’s cold and makes your tongue change colors.


This was a tasty way to use all 5 of our senses, my 2-year-old enjoyed pointing out which senses were being used during. I usually like when my kids come up with projects and I can add this one to the list. My 5-year-old showed us how great it is to experience making Jello from how she feels it.




Use your 5 senses to make jello.


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