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The Early Childhood Theme this week is My Neighborhood and when I looked at it I was kind of stumped on what we were going to do. Thankfully the FedEx guy showed up and this Community Helpers post was born.

This week the game that I am going to share with you is a Community Helpers spin-off of Guess Who? This game is good for developing speech and language skills, but mainly I used it to teach some descriptive elements to my girls. That visit from the FedEx guy showed me later that both of my girls could be describing the same person, but no one would know it. I needed them to learn from each other to kind of round them out.

My neighborhood Community Helpers Guess Who spin-off


We got these Community Helpers Old Maid cards a long time ago from a dollar store and I thought that these would be wonderful for our game this week. (You can use any card so long as they are matching cards. Old Maid Playing Cards)


To play:

  1. Separate the pairs and give one set to one child and the other to another child or yourself (make sure both hands is in the same order). Cards should remain face down.
  2. The youngest goes first
  3. Player 1 pulls one card and sits it in front of them When they are ready they say “Guess Who?”
  4. Player 2 pulls three cards and stand them in front of them and starts trying to figure out who player one has.

To figure out who someone has we ask questions about the people appearances using descriptive words.

Some descriptive words we used were:

  • Wavy
  • Short
  • Long
  • Smiling
  • Shiny
  • Jazzy
  • Male
  • Female

Community Helpers

One of my girls was really good at describing a person features and the other could tell you what they were wearing. After playing the game together, they were able to tell me more than before.

We also took, this time, to work on our speech and language. When playing this game we used a few forms for asking

Is your person___?
Does your person have__?
Does he have___?
Does she have___?

For answering, we used:

Yes, she has___
Yes, he has____
Yes, my person has____
No, he does not have___
No, she does not have____
No, my person does not have____
No, my person is not____

Community Helpers

At the end of this, my four-year-old don’t s ound like she’s mumbling when she is saying the words his, has and have, I’m happy that they loved it cause it kept them busy daily during free mommy time, and we have learned to pay attention to more than just clothes or eyes and hair. (For this activity we used our Crayola Desks)


This week we have someone new in our ranks of favorite Youtube channels. We are watching Crash Course Kids. I found them cause I watch Crash Course the adult version. The girls and I have been gorging out on them and this week they were the girls pick from the My Neighborhood playlist I put together for them.


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8 Responses to My Neighborhood Community Helpers Guess Who

  1. Cerys says:

    I’m now going to try and hunt down the Old Maid Set – if not I’ve got the perfect set from last year of community helpers that I can adjust for this activity. My kids LOVE playing Guess Who and we’re finding it a great way to work on improving my youngests Stuttering.
    Cerys recently posted…Word Family HousesMy Profile

  2. Christy says:

    I love the idea of a turning what you have on hand into a Guess Who? kind of game! I have some flash card sets of animals I could use in the same way. Thanks for a great idea! 🙂
    Christy recently posted…Free Nature Explorer Guide for PK1 KidsMy Profile

  3. What a fun language building activity!

  4. Danielle says:

    Great idea! Such a fun way to develop vocabulary!

  5. Clarissa says:

    Love those cards! I am going to hunt them down now! Great way to use them for this theme:-)
    Clarissa recently posted…Giant DIY Shapes PuzzleMy Profile

  6. Emma says:

    I love this idea of adapting Guess Who for the younger set! Now I have to find some cards so we can try it! 😉 #ThoughtfulSpot
    Emma recently posted…Thoughtful Spot #113My Profile

  7. what a fun game!
    susen @Dabbling Momma recently posted…Coffee Filter TurkeyMy Profile

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