Bottle Cap Number Match: Preschool Math Activity

A couple of weeks ago I pulled out my always trusty old numbered bottle caps. These seem to be the favorite among our learning material. No matter how many times I have tried to replace them with a new material we just keep coming back to these. They can be used for so many learning activities and take up very little room, and they cost me nothing. ( I get the bulk of them from my mother in law. )

While packing away our learning room I kept our homeschool going and we played this basic number matching activity using our numbered bottle caps. We played it three different ways to fit both my three and five-year-old. (For this activity we used the chalk side of our Crayola desks, but I will be adapting it for pen and paper.) This post contains affiliate links.


  • Numbered bottle caps
  • Writing utensil
  • Paper


  • For my three-year-old, I drew out the numbers 0-5 and set her bottle caps on the table.
  • For my 5-year-old I wrote out the numbers Zero – Five and sat the numbered bottle caps on her table.


  • Sit the numbered bottle cap next its written number or the word number.

So to be honest, that’s it for this cause I was busy packing a room while they did this. When I was called over the numbers were correct and I suspect that my five-year-old helped the three-year-old. (That’s cool with me because that means that someone is learning how to be a helper and someone is learning how to receive help.) What I really liked about it was that when I came over I could tell that they traced the numbers and words, the five-year-old wrote decent numbers under the word numbers, the three-year-old made dots around her numbers and circles around her numbered bottle caps.


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  1. Jae says:

    We love using bottle caps for math as well! I featured your post in our Learn & Play Link Up this week, hope you join us again next time!

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