Name Learning Envelope

Name Learning Envelope

This week for the Early Childhood Team the theme is Mail. We had lots of fun with this theme but I am going to share with you all our name learning activity that actually helped both my girls. I presented my girls with this fun activity that they helped me put together.

Cutting strips with scissor recommendations

Cutting Practice Strips with Scissor Recommendations

My three-year-old and five-year-old likes to use scissors. When they first started they weren’t as skilled as they are now with them. We first started with play dough and the play dough scissors to help build their cutting skills, we eventually moved on to these cutting strips that I am going to share with you. These they actually enjoyed more than the play dough cutting activities. This is really easy to set up and you probably have all the materials already.

African American Books That Teaches Children to Love Themselves

As a young black girl, I struggled with loving myself. I hated my color, my hair, and all the stigmas that came along with being a young black little girl. It took me a long time to love being black and I knew that I didn’t want that for my four daughters. I didn’t find out about the self-love books for African-American children until well after my second child, but it’s okay cause I taught my girls how beautiful their black was. Now that I know they have these books I read them to my youngest and even to my oldest and self to help us all understand that we are just as beautiful and the greatness of our black.

Books teaching African-American children to love themselves and how awesome they are

Exploring the after effects of an ice storm

Exploring After An Ice Storm

This post is a little different from what we normally share, but I thought this was so fun and my girls really enjoyed our week.

We have moved from the Windy City to Sunny North Carolina. The problem is that there is nothing sunny about it right now. We came in and the weather was beautiful but that changed the very next day. The theme this week is ice and I would like to say that I struggled with what to do but the truth is thanks to nature I didn’t have to prepare anything.

How many blocks does it take to fill in this shape

Block Challenge

Today I share with you the Block Challenge. This activity preschool spatial activity was inspired by Jamie of Hands On As We Grow. You should join her Facebook Group, so much fun going on in there that I’m sure you will be inspired. and I thought this would be a fun challenge for my kids to try. In the original post wooden blocks were used, for us we are using Mega Bloks.

10 Valentine Crafts for Preschool Aged Children

We are always doing our Valentine crafts right before or on Valentines day and this year is no different. Before I start to come up with a craft I turn to all my blogger friends blogs for inspiration, and as usual, they never disappoint. This year I have asked for some last minute ideas for preschoolers and they shared lots of them.

Uppercase and lowercase letter matching

Hands-On Mitten Activities for Preschool Aged Kids

This week we have been having fun with Mittens. We played a few games and learned that there are many ways to have fun when playing with mittens. I want to share some of the activities that we did that my girls enjoyed.

Color Sorting Activity

My toddler is in love with her color sorting box I put together for her. So I figured I would present her with a color sorting activity for her to try or not. It proved to be a hit.

Color sorting is becoming a little more easy for my toddler and I am finding her sorting colors all the time,

Bottle Cap Number Match: Preschool Math Activity

A couple of weeks ago I pulled out my always trusty old numbered bottle caps. These seem to be the favorite among our learning material. No matter how many times I have tried to replace them with a new material we just keep coming back to these. They can be used for so many learning activities and take up very little room, and they cost me nothing. ( I get the bulk of them from my mother in law. )

Arctic Edition: Mother May I? Gross Motor Game

Welcome to another TeachECE Wednesday post. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday break. For our first week back the theme is Tundra (What is that?). I chose to do a spin off of an old game that I use to play as a child that had lots of movement, counting and question asking. It really is a great gross motor game that your child will have lots of fun playing and if you’re having a bad day…. Just try it out and see if your day is still bad after.