Homeschool storage ideas for toys, craft supplies and more.

Ideas for Organizing Your Homeschool Room

It’s a new year and for me, I like to get back into organizing. Every year I find a system that works but by the end of the year we have gathered more stuff and then I really need to make some changes.

This year for our homeschool room I am downsizing and I actually had no clue about what I was going to do (not normal for me). So I asked some friends for ideas and they did not fail me. I am going to show you all some amazing storage solutions for organizing your homeschool/play rooms if you are in need of inspiration as I was.

6 Items Parents Need for Celebrating Kwanzaa

The holiday’s are here and we all celebrate in one way or another. My family this year is going real hard with celebrating Kwanzaa. It’s not like we haven’t celebrated it before, but we have moved away from some of the meaning and us as a family need to get back to it. During Kwanzaa you learn to love yourself, family, culture, and the world as a whole.

For celebrating Kwanzaa, you don’t need much but if you’re going all out like we are then you will need a few things.

Paper Plate Santa

A while back we made these cute paper plate Santa that my girls had fun making while I was busy in the kitchen I like crafts that they can do on their own or with a little help. It lets them feel like big girls and gives them the confidence to try to do harder crafts on their own before asking for my help.

Salt Dough Holiday Ornaments

Last week on Thanksgiving my mother in law was cleaning out things that she no longer needed or used and I seen these two beautiful boxes that sparked my imagination. I was tossing everything out the boxes when my 11-year-old point out some nail polishes and told me not to toss them. We kept them along with a few eye shadows and yesterday we used them for a project. We made some Salt dough holiday ornaments for our tree.

Old McDonalds Farm Sensory Bin

With a moo here and a moo there. Animal sounds are all that I have been hearing this week and it’s all my fault. I let the girls help come with an activity for this week Nursery Rhyme theme for our Early Childhood Education Themes. (This post contains Affiliate links)

For the Nursery Rhyme theme, we ended up singing and playing in our sensory bin. The setup was easy and all you need to make it happen is some black beans, farm animals toob, alphabet bottle caps, and a sensory bin. You can add spoons, pots, and other sensory bin play items also.

Christmas and Kwanzaa Calendar Numbers

Normally during the holiday season we just put a sticker on the days we celebrate and just cross out our days as usual, but this year with our new calendar I wanted to try something a little more creative and different for us. (This post contains affiliate links)

Our calendar this year has reusable numbers that attach to our board. That leaves me to have to print out a few different calendar number seasons and I didn’t want to do that this year. Our family celebrates both Christmas and the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa, and none

The 5 Senses of Wiggly Jiggly Jell-o

The dogs ate our project y’all. As a matter of fact, it was so tasty that they ate it twice. While we are glad that the dogs thought our project was tasty we had not finished seeing how many of our senses jello used.

I didn’t come up with this 5 senses project for my girls, my five-year-old did, she loves jello. So much so that she makes it on her own. ( She always practice safety and someone older is always in the kitchen with her. ) She presented the project to me when I told her what our next Early Childhood Education theme was. Ready for it? Well, here it goes.

DIY Watercolors

Recently we went through our markers and I found a couple that no longer had much life in them. So I decided that I was not going to just toss them I was going to make them worth every penny that I spent on them.

My girls and I made some watercolors for them to paint with on some coloring book pages. This was really simple and even though the markers were running out of color once we started the process we seen that there was still a lot of life left in these markers 

10 Open-End Toys Under $50 for Preschoolers

It’s that time again. The time where my kids get all these gifts that we never play with. Instead, they sit in the basement taking up lots of room and forever growing, I hate it and I want it to stop. This year I tried something new to help stop the pileup of toys in my house.

Numbers 6-10 Pre-Writing Activity

We have been having  really hectic weeks lately, and it’s been leaving me with less time to plan activities. That’s okay with my girls because they love when we learn on the fly, and that’s exactly what we did with this week’s Early Childhood Education Theme: Numbers 6-10.


With no real plan in mind that means I didn’t pull any resources for the week, so I had to use what was at hand. In the end, we ended up with a week long hands-on pre-writing activity that was engaging and creative for both my two and five-year-olds.
Some of the skills we focused on were: counting, tracing and following directions.