#PlayfulPreschool DIY Farm

Hey guys! I hope that everyone is feeling well and that the days have been going how you like. It’s time for another #PlayfulPreschool post and I hope that you enjoy. This week the theme is Farm and we had so much fun with this project that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all so I actually gave a snippet of what we were doing on Monday’s post.

So I came up with this really cool idea to let Fro Baby build a farm of her own. To build this farm we had to make everything that we needed on a farm (the only thing that we did not make were the animals, but I’m pretty sure that if our lessons ran over a week we would have done that too.)
The first thing that we needed for the base of our farm was dirt. Our fruit and veggies grow from the dirt as do the grass that some animals munch on so it is a very important part of our farm. So Fro Baby and I set out to find some alternative dirt cause momma forgot to pick up some from the store. We came up with some coffee from the basement (we don’t drink coffee but it works well with keeping our black jeans black). The coffee has a close texture to the dirt outside so this was a win situation.
After we figured out the dirt we thought about what else is on a farm. Fro Baby said we needed grass for the cows to chew on. After trying a few things (Easter grass, cut up colored paper, beans, ect) she decided on the rice. So we took the time to dye the rice green and neon green. (Dye your own rice)
Fro Baby pointed out that some of the farms that we saw on our ride back from Chicago had little pools (ponds) and she wanted a little pool in her farm too. I put water in a little dish and was ready to go but Fro Baby poured it out and got some water gems. Oh and she changed the size of the dish (I’m now thinking that there is no way all this is going to fit but okay just go with it).


Our first theme of the #PlayfulPreschool was Apples so I brought it to Fro baby’s attention that there were no trees on her farm and it would surely benefit from an appletree or two. (I argued with a three year old about putting a tree on the farm. She asked me why and I had to give a valid reason to put an apple tree on her farm{yup, she’s the teacher sometimes})
Now the one thing that we didn’t get to see were pigs on the farms. So I had to put together a whole little lesson on pigs and one of the things that we learned were that pigs don’t always just roam free, they are actually in a pig pin. So we made our own little pig pin and troth for them.
We talked about barns and what all can be inside a barn but we never completely finished making our barn. So it’s not included, maybe later after we finish it I will share with you all how we made it.


Now that we have all the parts of our farm, it is time for us to put it together. First she lays out everything how she wants it. Shows it to me then she starts to put it together. First thing she adds is the dirt. The dirt goes first because the grass grows from the dirt. She continues to add stuff  and I ask each time that she places something new why is it included in the farm and why did she place it in the spot that she placed it. I did the Apple trees cause I want the horses to trot over by the pond sip a cool drink of water and eat a few fallen apples. At the very end she places all her animals where she wants them to be and steps back and admire her work.


Someone moved my apple trees
At the very end she calls down Baby G and lets her play in it cause all this hard work of taking a week to put together a farm was for a little sister. We now have a mixed media sensory bin.
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Missed out Google hangout? No worries we’ve got a recording just for you.

Photo credit to Amanda at The Educators Spin On It

31 Responses to #PlayfulPreschool DIY Farm

  1. What a lovely interactive bin! Love how you included a pond for the ducks and other animals by following your child’s lead. It’s my favorite part! I could spend all day playing with it!

  2. Kim Staten says:

    I love all the different textures that you included in the sensory bin! That must have been fun to play with!

  3. Theresa says:

    I love all the different materials you used to make your farm. The glass stones are a really creative way to represent water in a pond and would be so much fun for preschoolers to handle. My preschoolers would want to dig right in! I like the dramatic play scenarios you came up with to interact with the sensory bin.

    • You have to do dramatic play with a sensory bin like this or you don’t get the full effect of it. The Water Gems were great, way better than just my water. Shpws who has the imagination here.

  4. What an amazing project to build together! I love all the thoughtfulness that went into it. This sensory bin is great evidence of why sensory bins are so wonderful for children!

  5. This is an ADORABLE sensory bin for the FARM THEME! Your kids will have hours of exploration and play! Great activity!

  6. This looks super fun! I like how you made it a project and created all the different areas of the farm.

  7. So much fun play to learn about the farm!

  8. Cerys Parker says:

    I’ve got to give this a go and I too have similar discussions with my 3 and a half year old over things.

  9. I love how putting together this fun sensory bin led to so much discussion and learning!

  10. Zenovia says:

    I love this idea. Amir doesn’t have the attention span or understanding to actually help put it together now but I hope I remember it when he does.

    • You can put it together for him. This was one of the bins we really made for my youngest to play with. She loves it and she’s role playing with the animals by giving all the sounds of the animals.

  11. Such a cute idea! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

  12. What a wonderful set of fun-filled activities here! I just love sensory bins!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  13. I love the coffee grounds for the dirt -what a fun little farm!

  14. Carrie says:

    What a great idea! So much fun! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  15. Heather says:

    Great ideas you included, I love all the different textures you included. Thanks for stopping by to share at our Facebook page today. So glad you did, pinning and sharing!
    Heather recently posted…Halloween Snacks and CraftsMy Profile

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