Number Word Punch: Counting Nuts

Number Word Punch

Hey guys! Welcome to another Playful Preschool Wednesday post. This is where a group of fabulous bloggers get together once a week and bring you some great hands on play ideas. Last week we played around with Feathers, this week we’re playing around with Nuts and Seeds and I’m sharing with you one of the preschool math games that we played.

So like I said we are working with Nuts and Seeds today. I had originally thought about doing a sensory bin but that changed after watching the price is right and this great idea came to mind for learning word numbers. My four year old enjoys learning word numbers but she is struggling with them. I was going to abandon teaching them any further until I felt she could grasp better, but she is not a quitter so I needed to re work it.

Notice: If your child has nut allergies then you might want to use sunflower seeds.

What you need:

  • Plastic cups
  • Tissue paper
  • Nuts
  • Numbered bottle caps
  • Tape
  • Paper with word numbers on it
  • Pen
  1. Place the nuts or seed inside the cups in sequence order. (cup one gets one nut, cup 2 gets two nuts and so on)
  2. Tape a piece of tissue paper to the top of each cup covering it.
  3. Tape the corresponding word number to the cup (cup with one nut get the word number one on it and so on)
  4. Tape them together or hot glue or just glue. I don’t care just put them together in order from highest to least.

Setup & Game

Place a bowl with the numbered bottle caps on a table.

Let your preschooler pull out a number and then find it on one of the cups

Once they’ve found the right cup or think they have the right cup, have them punch a hole in the cup.

Let them count out the nuts in the cup to see if they have the right answer.

Now if they have punched the wrong number, no worries. Leave those nuts in the cup until all the other cups are done. Once they’ve gotten the rest correct, we work on the process of elimination.

Number Word Punch

This is a game that we have not been able to play yet due to my preschooler staying up late and helping me set this game up. So I guess she did get to play, she played count all the pecans and place them in the correctly numbered cup and place the correct word number tag on the cup.

Since she didn’t get to play, my one year old got to play and she loved discovering the pecans inside the cups. She enjoyed punching the tissue paper and counting the nuts. Yes people (family that’s reading), this one year old can count all the way to 13. She tries to go further but it always sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.

Number Word Punch

Most likely it’s Wednesday and your reading this. So if you follow us on Instagram I will post a picture of my preschooler playing this game and tell you how it goes. Until then, later and remember that every day is an adventure.


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16 Responses to Number Word Punch: Counting Nuts

  1. Kim says:

    This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Kim recently posted…3 Fun Activities with Seeds for PreschoolersMy Profile

  2. Devany says:

    How fun! I love this idea!
    Devany recently posted…Turkey Pattern SheetMy Profile

  3. Our kids would LOVE to punch the cups when they found the right answer. I imagine they would be on the edge of their seats waiting for their turns while their siblings were punching the cups!
    Theresa (Capri + 3) recently posted…Nutty Science–A Lesson in Buoyancy #playfulpreschoolMy Profile

    • Tinytotsadventures says:

      LOL! I love games that excites children. I don’t how I would be able to handle this game with 4, two were hard to deal with.

  4. Danielle says:

    This looks like so much fun!

  5. I love love love this game!!!! 🙂
    Mary Catherine recently posted…Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin SeedsMy Profile

  6. love The Price is Right and I know exactly the game you are talking about! This looks like a fun activity and quite creative!
    Susen @ Dabbling Momma recently posted…Reindeer Fingerprint LabelsMy Profile

    • Tinytotsadventures says:

      I have watched Price is Right since I was little with my daddy. Love the show! Thanks!

  7. What a fun way to explore numbers!
    Jodie @ Growing Book by Book recently posted…Alphabet Activities: Seed Sensory BinMy Profile

  8. ha! and my kids so do love punching stuff! great idea
    Nicolette Roux recently posted…Plastic Bag Flowers – Cutting Skills in PracticeMy Profile

  9. Natasha – this is a great activity for learning number words. What a fun way to incorporate play and learning!
    The Preschool Toolbox recently posted…Nuts and Seeds Theme: Listening Games with Sensory Sound Shakers for #PlayfulPreschoolMy Profile

  10. Alison says:

    These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop! 🙂
    Alison recently posted…Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop #112My Profile

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