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Books That Help Empower Kids

Sometimes in life things just don’t go our way. We end up feeling down and like we just can’t get it right. Well, that’s when it’s time to pick up a book and get inspired to be the best you that you can be.

With our new move came new jobs, new schools, new friends, and new feats. My five-year-old was feeling a little slum about things and it was so much “NEW” to her that she felt that she just couldn’t do it all.

Books that empower children to be great

Mt Make Believe

FarFaria Review

I’m bringing to you all a review of a wonderful app that my kids had the pleasure of utilizing. Farfaria is a book reading app for Android and iPad that caters to the younger kids. This is a review of the Farfaria app that was given to us so that we could do this review, all opinions are my own.