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Measure with leaves. Measuring with non-standard units of measurements.

How Long Am I? Measuring With Leaves

Welcome to another Early Childhood Education Wednesday post, where a team of homeschooling and educational bloggers share free hands-on learning activities for you to try. Last week’s theme was Numbers 0-5, this week’s theme is Fall STEM. (If you are looking to find out more about what STEM is )

I had this great idea that we would measure things around the house after a nice trip to the library for a fall read and a walk with our baskets to collect leaves.

Reality: Woke up looking a hot mess, the severe asthmatic kid couldn’t breath, the 2-year-old has been having crazy crying fits, there is dog hair everywhere and it’s making my allergies not respond well to antihistamines and I got a sick kid who can’t make it to school. So the library trip was a no go.

My girls were still up for a project (That’s what they call the lessons we do). It just so happens that I ran to our Dollar General a couple of days ago looking for some fall decor. Leaves were a part of this purchase.

Fall Leaf Number Words

#Playful Preschool Learning Number Words with Fall Colored Leaves

This week is all about Fall Colors and we enjoyed working with while learning about Fall and Fall Colors. We talked about why the leaves change color during the fall, the temperature change, and more. Right now our leaves are still pretty much green with some hints of yellow for the most part, but Fro Baby does know that the leaves change colors. Since we don’t have any fallen color changed leaves, the foam ones that I found at the Dollar General are going to come in handy for what I want to do. With a little modification of my activity, I opened it up for me to introduce something new but not so new to Fro Baby. Number Words!