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Halloween Inspired Sensory Bin

I put together this quick and easy sensory bin not too long ago for my girls.  With this bin, we worked on some fine motor skills, color sorting, counting, patterns and just good ole fun.

This post contains affiliate links. While I did not purchase all of our sensory bin items from amazon, I was able to find alternatives for you in case you can’t find an item in your area.

beading and stringing pasta

Beading and Stringing

Hey guys! We have been busy playing and getting ready for the holidays. Part of getting ready for us includes decorating around the house with festive colors. My one year old can now help with the decorating and while helping she will be working on hand eye coordination and some fine motor skills for toddlers.

Sewing card in process

How to Make Star Lacing Card

Hey all! I’m going to try something new for you guys. I have been receiving requests for activities and crafts for the kids that are pocket friendly. So I am going to try and share some pocket friendly activities and crafts on Fridays for you guys.