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Counting Game

Preschool Counting Game

Fro Baby has become interested in counting again but she don’t want to play any of the old games that we use to play. Which is just perfect cause we are still doing the ABC Countdown and today is Game Day. I came up with a great Counting Game for Fro Baby last week that I wanted to share with you all.

Harvest Time Math: Tiny Tots Adventures

#PlayfulPreschool Harvest Time Math

I welcome you guys to my #Playfulpreschool post today. If you would like to see more #Playfulpreschool activities that you can do with your preschooler then follow the hash tag or click below.

The theme for this week is Harvest. We really happy to share our harvest post with you guys. While my post didn’t come out exactly how I planned it, we did have great learning experience. We took ourselves over to grannies house for some good grub, love, and some veggie picking. While there granny taught us how to Harvest the cabbage that was growing way to big.