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Alphabet Road

Alphabet Road: Beginning Sound Matching Activity

Hey guys and welcome to another Playful Preschool  Wednesday  post. This were a team of wonderful mommy and educational bloggers come together to share free themed activities for you to try with your preschooler. Last weeks theme was puzzles and this week  the theme is transportation. If you check at the bottom of this post you will find lots more fun transportation activities for you and your preschooler yo enjoy, for free.

My girls love toy cars and last Christmas they got lots of them. Trains , planes and boats are all cool but nothing to them is cooler than a car that can go vroom vroom. I decided to play off their love of toy cars and came up with a great game from both my toddler and preschooler to play.

This activity was easy to setup and my girls were able to help with the setup. I found that if I let my preschooler help set up activities she is more into playing with them after. When she don’t help with the setup then I might not be able to provide this here post. The setup of this activity was great for a little gross movement and you will find at the end on this post that my girls made some more gross movement fun out of this one little activity.