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Writing Tray

Up-Cycled Writing Tray

I created a writing tray from a recycled box that has been a big help for my three-year-old. It makes writing a more feeling activity and this helps her to understand the lines that she is creating. I recommend that before you start to use this tray that you create a few letter and shape card and have your child trace them with their fingers. This will help them to learn the lines and curves. Once they have done that for a while you can then move on to this writing tray.

Preschool Theme: All About Me

All About Me Booklet

Welcome to another Early Childhood Educational Wednesday post. This weeks Preschool Theme: All About Me , last week we covered Teaching Responsibility.

We had a very fun week learning all about ourselves. I tried to present activities that both of my girls could participate in. Each one got something different out of each activity and with each activity they discovered a few new things about themselves and that makes me happy.


With our “All About Me” topic I touched on

  • Name
  • My Body
  • My Likes
  • Family
  • Emotions


We put together an All About Me book for each of the girls and we took our time putting it together. So by the end of the week we had a nice sized book that covered a few areas about that I touched on.