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My Neighborhood Community Helpers Activity Square Image

My Neighborhood Community Helpers Guess Who

The Early Childhood Theme this week is My Neighborhood and when I looked at it I was kind of stumped on what we were going to do. Thankfully the FedEx guy showed up and this Community Helpers post was born.

This week the game that I am going to share with you is a Community Helpers spin-off of Guess Who? This game is good for developing speech and language skills, but mainly I used it to teach some descriptive elements to my girls. That visit from the FedEx guy showed me later that both of my girls could be describing the same person, but no one would know it. I needed them to learn from each other to kind of round them out.

10 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Halloween is here and once again I’m late with my crafts. So I am on the hunt for simple crafts that we can do that don’t take much time setup. Problem is, I only have about $10 in my pocket and I have to make it do what it do.

Last year I only shopped my local Dollar General, this year I hit up Walmart. (Some of the items there are cheaper and I was already going in there. )

My two-year-old is focusing a lot on cutting, so there’s more than a few of these that involve cutting. Also, I have given you my shopping list. Yup, these are the supplies that I brought. I am going to assume you have some of the basics. (you should if you come to this blog)

Halloween Crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Mt Make Believe

FarFaria Review

I’m bringing to you all a review of a wonderful app that my kids had the pleasure of utilizing. Farfaria is a book reading app for Android and iPad that caters to the younger kids. This is a review of the Farfaria app that was given to us so that we could do this review, all opinions are my own.

Fall Leaf Number Words

#Playful Preschool Learning Number Words with Fall Colored Leaves

This week is all about Fall Colors and we enjoyed working with while learning about Fall and Fall Colors. We talked about why the leaves change color during the fall, the temperature change, and more. Right now our leaves are still pretty much green with some hints of yellow for the most part, but Fro Baby does know that the leaves change colors. Since we don’t have any fallen color changed leaves, the foam ones that I found at the Dollar General are going to come in handy for what I want to do. With a little modification of my activity, I opened it up for me to introduce something new but not so new to Fro Baby. Number Words!

#PlayfulPreschool DIY Farm

Hey guys! I hope that everyone is feeling well and that the days have been going how you like. It’s time for another #PlayfulPreschool post and I hope that you enjoy. This week the theme is Farm and we had so much fun with this project that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all so I actually gave a snippet of what we were doing on Monday’s post.
Family counting title

Family Counting

It amazes me the words that children know that we don’t know that they know.
This week the theme for  #PlayfulPreschool is Family/Heritage. I thought up plenty of activities that would help Fro Baby get a grasp of what family is and who is in her family. What I was not prepared for was her knowing the words when she seen them. (How was I not ready for that? She knew the word Sister and Mommy)