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Fall Leaf Number Words

#Playful Preschool Learning Number Words with Fall Colored Leaves

This week is all about Fall Colors and we enjoyed working with while learning about Fall and Fall Colors. We talked about why the leaves change color during the fall, the temperature change, and more. Right now our leaves are still pretty much green with some hints of yellow for the most part, but Fro Baby does know that the leaves change colors. Since we don’t have any fallen color changed leaves, the foam ones that I found at the Dollar General are going to come in handy for what I want to do. With a little modification of my activity, I opened it up for me to introduce something new but not so new to Fro Baby. Number Words!

Harvest Time Math: Tiny Tots Adventures

#PlayfulPreschool Harvest Time Math

I welcome you guys to my #Playfulpreschool post today. If you would like to see more #Playfulpreschool activities that you can do with your preschooler then follow the hash tag or click below.

The theme for this week is Harvest. We really happy to share our harvest post with you guys. While my post didn’t come out exactly how I planned it, we did have great learning experience. We took ourselves over to grannies house for some good grub, love, and some veggie picking. While there granny taught us how to Harvest the cabbage that was growing way to big.

Bubble Art

Bubble Art

Out of pure boredom does good ideas come to me.
The girls and I were just sitting around during our quite time bored out of our minds. No one wanted to go outside or go anywhere, Fro Baby and Baby G were not in the mood to be bothered, it was hot and sticky outside, and the AC makes everyone in the house sneeze. I knew that we just had to get up cause two days of just slothing (It’s word cause I say it’s a word) around is not cool.
Child Lead Paint session

Child Lead Paint Session: Fro Baby’s Transition From Toddler to Big Girl

We had a Fro Baby Lead Paint Session recently. It was something of a shocker for me cause she has not really asked for a big session like this in a while and because she wanted to set it up on her own. 
Fro Baby came to me and said “I want to finger paint. I want to make my own paint!” I told her “Cool! Go grab your stuff.” She goes and grabs her supplies which includes corn starch, food coloring, jars, spoons, forks, pieces of T-Shirt, straws, and newspaper. Lots and lots of newspaper! Let’s see how this went.