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Dinosaur Hatching

#Playfulpreschool Dinosaur Hatching

Welcome to another wonderful week of Playful Preschool. Where a fabulous team of mommy and teacher bloggers come to you once a week to share some terrific educational ideas. This week we’re talking DINOSAURS (ROAR!), and I am going to share with you all one of our Easy Sensory Bin Recipes by Theme. To see more great educational activities and fun then check below and watch the hashtag #Playfulpreschool.

Find the big Dipper

Find the Big Dipper

This week for Playful Preschool we’re talking about Nighttime. I chose to play around with the stars for us. Since our move we are now able to see the stars shine so bright. So we did a couple of projects and I chose to share this one to share with you all today.

Harvest Time Math: Tiny Tots Adventures

#PlayfulPreschool Harvest Time Math

I welcome you guys to my #Playfulpreschool post today. If you would like to see more #Playfulpreschool activities that you can do with your preschooler then follow the hash tag or click below.

The theme for this week is Harvest. We really happy to share our harvest post with you guys. While my post didn’t come out exactly how I planned it, we did have great learning experience. We took ourselves over to grannies house for some good grub, love, and some veggie picking. While there granny taught us how to Harvest the cabbage that was growing way to big.

Coffee Title

Decaffeinated Sensory Play

OMGoodness! Did the title give you an idea of what we are playing with today?

This I promise is for a bigger project that I will share later this week for our #PlayfulPreschoolpost. We were setting up for a big project and this caught the girls attention to a point where I put what we were working with up and just let them have fun. SO I will include this hit apart of our Easy Sensory Bin Recipes by Theme.

Water Gems Sensory Play

We have another new addition to our Easy Sensory Bin Recipes by Theme this year. I have been waiting to try these out. While Baby G still kind of mouths things I do keep a close eye on her for this kind of play. I have seen lots of toddler and preschool bins with these water beads around and I had been shopping and asking all the store clerks for “Water Beads” when they’re really called “Water Gems”
Make this simple taste safe sand for your little one to enjoy.

Alternative Sand

We love messy play! Okay, okay they love messy play and I enjoy watching them have fun while making a mess.
I hate sand! I hate the way it feels on my feet and I hate how it sticks to you and never leaves. I don’t like how when you come home from the beach it’s all in your bathing suit. But my kids, however, love sand. Baby G has not had the pleasure of playing in the sand and nor will she until she figures out how to cure that tasting problem that she has. So I set out on a mission to make sand. I have made our own cloud dough before but never thought about how to make sand. I think I figured it out.

ABC Countdown: Hat Day (Best Play Dough Ever!)

OMG, I just made some of the most fantastic Play Dough ever (for my girls).

Today is Hat Day for the ABC Countdown, but I couldn’t think up anything special for that. We don’t own many hats and the one person in the house that owns the most hats is Mr. Poman (yup, that’s his name) and we can’t fit his hats. All us girls in the house own winter hats (I have to step our hat game up), so that’s what we worked with.

I was on Pinterest and I was looking up some natural ways to help with Fro Baby’s eczema and I seen a pin about play dough with oatmeal. So I click on over there and read the post and thought it was a good idea, but I know that Fro Baby’s skin loves an oatmeal and coconut mixture and this post did not have the coconut. Sssoooo…… LIGHT BULB!

Oatmeal Play Dough

Gather these items:

3 Cups of flour
1 Cup of Oatmeal
1 Cup of salt
1 Teaspoon cream of Tartar (optional)
1/4 Cup of coconut oil
1/4 Cup extra virgin olive oil
Water (I don’t know how much)
Food coloring (optional)

I make my play dough in one big batch then let my girls have fun mixing the colors in. So I grabbed my blender added half a cup of oatmeal and ground that up into a fine powder.
Dumped the 3 cups of flour half a cup of un-ground oatmeal and the half a cup of ground oatmeal and 1 cup of salt into my big mixing bowl (if you are using cream of tartar this is when you add it now) Stir that all up
Then I added both my oils and mixed those in until it looked more like a dried out cloud dough
Next I slowly added my water until I got the consistency that I was looking for. (looks like a moist bread dough)
Dump the mixture out onto a surface and knead it by hand until it forms a  big sticky ball.
So now we have our dough and I just divide it into six 199 gram balls, poke a hole in the center of each ball, fill the holes with food coloring, close up the holes and give it to the kids and let them play.


This dough breaks apart almost like store brought play dough does and it does not stick to things and leave that nasty play dough mess.


I do not know how long it will last because I don’t keep play dough in my house past a week, I can only take the play dough mess for that long. I store mines in old bulk seasoning containers that I get from our local grocer and that seems to be working well.

Have you tried any Play Dough recipes that calls for oatmeal? Did you like it.

The Playdough Mats I got from – Planet of the Apels

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