Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

I thought that this was going to be a dud week because we had been hunting/missing the postal delivery man daily (seems like when I want something to hurry this mess happens. Please tell me I’m not the only one), but nope. So, I am going to share the fun that we did have with these quick and easy Teddy Bear Cards I made for the week and our Teddy Bear Book.

Alphabet Activities

If you seen my Instagram then you know that I put together an Alphabet Wall next to our bookcase. While most think it’s just cute, I know that I put it up cause we needed it. It makes a great visual of the letters being in their face every day and it’s cute. We have been playing with our Alphabets for a while and using the Teddy Bear Dry-Erase Cards has been a big help.

Teddy Bear Alphabet ActivitiesMaterials:


Write the missing letters

Take 5 index cards and cover random alphabets on our Alphabet Wall.
Use 5 Teddy Bear Dry-Erase Cards and a dry erase marker and have the child write each letter that is missing per card.

For younger kids: let them tell you what letters are missing and you remove the index card to reveal and watch them light up when they are right.


What letter comes next

Take 5 index cards and pick one letter, from that letter on you will cover the next 5 letters
Take 5 Teddy Bear cards and write out the 5 missing letters
Attach a piece of double stick tape to the back of the cards and let the child place them in the correct order.

For younger kids: Tell them the letter that is next and have them place it in the correct spot. Give assistance if needed. I let my two-year-old take a few shots at guessing too. After a couple of rounds with the same missing letters, she was getting them.

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

Sight Word Mix Up

We have the sight words that we have learned on a wall.

Using one Teddy Bear card per letter write out a sight word, mix it up, and let your child unscramble the word. I let her look at the sight word wall to check all the letters in each word to figure the word and then she unscrambled it.

For younger kids: My two year has her name stuck on her workbox. Take their name and write it on the Teddy Bear cards, each letter per card. Mix them up and let them have a go at it.

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

Teddy Bear Adventures Book

I put together this quick capture page for my girls with a teddy bear in the center and the writing line at the bottom. You can fold the page in half and have them do one side at a time or do like I did and cut it in half and give them a sheet a day to draw on.

We took one sheet per day and after story time the girls would draw a picture about Teddy and how he would relate to the story or scene. This was fun and allowed them to imagine and retell a story in their way. My four-year-old would write out one word or two about her picture. ( She does not want to trace any longer so I write the words on a different sheet and she copies.

At the end of the week take all the pages and staple them together forming a book. Let the kids go through the pages and tell the story of each page. This was so much fun and I got to really see how wild and crazy one of their imaginations is.

Well, that’s about it. I hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that you enjoy these free printables that I provide. I know that they are not like top notch they are just something that I throw together for my girls to use.

Teddy Bear Alphabet Activities

Speaking of Printables. Have you seen my Dry-Erase Apple Cards? I share some fun math activities to do with them.

dry erase apples

Dry Erase Apple Cards









I wasn’t going to add my playlist cause I wasn’t to happy with what I found, but I was asked about it so here it is. This playlist we actually did listen to for a couple of day’s but then it got boring and that’s because it is so short. The songs are memorable and the kids can dance to them. I plan to add more to this playlist and if you save it then you too will get the updates.


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  1. What a fun way to practice learning all about letters.
    Jodie @ Growing Book by Book recently posted…Teddy Bear Beginning Sounds PicnicMy Profile

  2. Such fun ideas for ABC work. Love them!

  3. Danielle says:

    Fun alphabet activities to go with the bear theme!

  4. Cerys says:

    Fun ideas – better get printing
    Cerys recently posted…Crockpot Apple and Cinnamon Rice PuddingMy Profile

  5. Theresa says:

    The Teddy Bear What Comes Next Activity is great for cognitive skills. Love it!
    Theresa recently posted…Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Let’s Add to Ten-Kinder and Pre-K Math activityMy Profile

  6. Clarissa says:

    I like how you covered the letters on the wall! Great activity!
    Clarissa recently posted…Bear Counters Name Recognition ActivityMy Profile

  7. very cute letter activity! Gotta love dry erase!
    susen @Dabbling Momma recently posted…How do your Kids Play?My Profile

  8. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing this activity! I am now home schooling my 3 year old niece and am finding myself back on the preschool blogs looking for activities for her. This one is great.
    Stephanie recently posted…The Life Cycle of a ButterflyMy Profile

  9. Alecia says:

    Great activities! I love how fun and simple these are. Thanks for share your wonderful ideas.
    Alecia recently posted…Teddy Bear Beginning Sounds Activities Sorting MatsMy Profile

  10. What a great way to incorporate play with letters! Love the dry-erase cards as they can be changed as skills develop!
    The Preschool Toolbox recently posted…The Dissolving Teddy Bears – Simple Preschool Science!My Profile

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