Alternative Sand

Make this simple taste safe sand for your little one to enjoy.
We love messy play! Okay, okay they love messy play and I enjoy watching them have fun while making a mess.
I hate sand! I hate the way it feels on my feet and I hate how it sticks to you and never leaves. I don’t like how when you come home from the beach it’s all in your bathing suit. But my kids, however, love sand. Baby G has not had the pleasure of playing in the sand and nor will she until she figures out how to cure that tasting problem that she has. So I set out on a mission to make sand. I have made our own cloud dough before but never thought about how to make sand. I think I figured it out.

Our sand is fairly easy. It’s pretty much cloud dough but with an added ingredient. The fun not only comes from playing with this homemade version of sand but it comes in the making of this sand.
You will need:
  • Six cups of flour
  • 3 cups corn meal
  • 2 cups salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Big bin
  • Child/ren
How it’s made:
  1. Pour the Flour, Corn Meal and Salt into the Big Bin
  2. Start adding the oil bit by bit while letting the kids play with it
  3. Stop adding the oil when you reach the desired consistency that makes you happy
While the kids were playing I watched as their imaginations started to become active as they were reenacting a beach battle scene. (My kids like war movies and stuff like that.)
The look
This stuff kind of feels like the real deal but I know it’s not and I’m cool with it cause this is just going to have to work until my Tiny Tot stops putting everything in her mouth.
 Alternative sand that is taste safe for your little ones
By the way, this mess will get stuck to your child just like sand and it will be everywhere. So try to contain the mess if you can.





7 Responses to Alternative Sand

  1. Keitha M says:

    aww i love this! will so try it out Natasha

  2. Adding cornmeal is inspired. I did something like this but with whole wheat flour and baby oil. I like this idea much better!

  3. Susen Kuchta says:

    My daughter loves this stuff! She wanted to play with every day for a week straight! She literally things she’s at the beach, lol! The only thing we didn’t add was the cornmeal.

  4. I hate the feel of sand too! My daughter is a big fan – she would love this stuff (making and playing with it!)

  5. Katie Pinch says:

    This looks so fun! What a great recipe 🙂

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