The Power of The Stick!

I wanted to write about our outings exploring our new town since we moved, but didn’t know how to go about it. This move has been a God bless for use but something of a hard situation to deal with as well. My younger children have been having a hard time trying to cope with all that has been going on and I have been having a hard time trying to help them during this transition. It wasn’t until I started to really look through our pictures and I saw that they had found a way to cope and I was just not responding how they needed me too.

My girls cope with hard situations by using their imaginations. So when we look at them playing they are acting out what’s going on and ways to help solve problems. As much as I have played with them and indulged in their imaginations to cope this time I just couldn’t catch on. So today I am going to be sharing with you a walk on a trail here in North Carolina and showing you the real power of imagination.

Have you ever wondered what all a stick can do?

A stick looks like just, a stick, right? That’s to you, but to a child with an active imagination a stick can become many things and it holds powers that are beyond anyone’s reach.

To make your magical stick you need to first find a great walking stick. You can find a baby tree or a nice branch.

They thought that they found a tree that would be easy to break to make walking sticks


Once you have found your stick you need to take the time to clean it up a bit. Once that is done you now have a walking stick that you can use.

Someone is happy with their walking stick

A walking stick is not just for walking, though. It can be used to row boats to get back to the place that you use to call home that you miss so much.

She thinks that she is rowing her boat back home

They also make great swords but you must be a skilled sword fighter or else…

My preschooler losing in a sword fight

We also used them to stake claim to our spots and no one could walk in that spot.

This is my spot and bet no one walk in it.

But in the end, a walking stick is still just a walking stick and that was a great way to use it as we walked a trail and learned a little more about ourselves.


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One Response to The Power of The Stick!

  1. Mother of 3 says:

    How true; in the minds of a child a stick can be so many things! We just checked the book This Is NOT a Stick out of our library and it reminded me so much of this.
    Mother of 3 recently posted…25 Read Aloud Activities To Keep Hands ActiveMy Profile

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