Toddler Activity Webbed Bin

I made this webbed bin for the toddlers to play with in the morning and it turned into much more than a play toy. It’s easy to put together and you might have all the equipment on hand to create this fun toddler activity.

As you all know I like to have activities out in the morning as the kids start filing in that will keep them engaged and help promote active conversation. (The morning is kind of critical to the tone of our room for the day.) This box did just that and we ended up using it well past the week that I planned for.

Toddler Activity Webbed Bins

  • Bin with holes on the sides
  • Yarn
  • Rubber bugs

Optional materials:

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Do-A-Dots
  • Paint brushes
  • Fine motor tweezers and Scoopers


  1. Unroll some yarn from its bundle
  2. Take the free end of the yarn and start to weave it through the holes in the basket. (No particular pattern.) Tie the two free ends of the yarn to finish it off.
  3. Once you have made your web dump your bugs in. Some should have fallen to the bottom, some between the layers of yarn and some on the top.


Playing with the Webbed Bins

Webbed Bin ready to be expplored

I laid my webbed bins with the captured bugs on the shelves for the kids to discover as they walked in. I gave no instructions and observed as they began to play with the bins. With this, I saw one child pick the bugs with her hand off the top layer only then watched as another flipped the bin upside down and shook as many bugs out as they could. Another moved the yarn around to make a hole and picked up all the bugs from the bottom. They each found a way to get the bugs out using their hands. I then had that one child that broke the yarn and there we had the bugs out and me having to restring the web.

We brought back out the webbed boxes and I sat with them and asked each of them how they were getting the bugs out of their bins. Then I modeled how I would get the bugs out and they began to mimic what I was doing.

For the week that we brought them out, I added tweezers, scoopers, and tongs. Each day we tried a new tool to change the bins and encourage social interaction. I notice that the kids do ask each other for help before they ask me. They modeled, assisted, and instructed each other on how to use the tools. This toddler activity provided much more than I planned that we kept it for another week.


How The Toddler Activity Was Changed


Using the webbed bins for art

The bins were a hit and they remained in the rotation for the next week as I used them to hold art tools. The kids, as well as me, enjoyed this change to our creative time. The kids had to maneuver the webs to grab an art tool and they even enjoyed the clean up time to put the tools back in the webs and sitting their artwork on top of the web hiding the captured tools.

By the third time of bringing out the webbed baskets for art one of the kids came up with the idea to use the Do-A-Dot markers to color the web and the rest mimicked and that took our art project for the day out of play and the object had become to paint the webs. This took some time to do as they had to move the webs around to get to the many layers.


Looking For Another Toddler Activity

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