Water Play: With Streamers

Water Play

We had a really laid back day recently, and if  you’ve read any of our laid back day posts (Click Here) then you know that means water is a big part of them. I put together a quick water bin for Baby G to play with some streamers we had after playing a spider game.

The thing that I love most about playing with my toddler is the simple play that we do. Simple play has such an impact on them that they don’t even realize that they are learning. Just adding something as simple as streamers to water will help them to learn about absorption and add some cups and bobbles and beads and we can learn about mass and volume and gravity. (Simple play is what I call it.)

Water Play

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Baby G loved this water bin and the watched as the streamers soaked up the water. While playing she kept squeezing the water from the streamers into the little cups. We added a few cookie cutters to play with and she made pies with those for all to eat. (She is always making cupcakes and pies, I think I have a little baker on my hands.)

The cleanup of this bin is really easy. I let Baby G squeeze as much water as she could from the streamers and had her put them into a plastic grocery bag. After that she gathered all of the items that we placed in the bin for play and placed those into our water items basket. (We use a basket so that the items can dry and not sit in a pool of runoff water.) I dumped the water in the back yard (the grass looked a little thirsty) and rinsed out the bin really well and let the sun dry it. That was it.

I believe in letting the kids take part in cleaning up after projects. It lets them know that things don’t magically just get put away (Believe me when I say I hate Barney for teaching that they only have to clean a little and that the rest is magic.)

Water Play with Streamers



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  1. fun!! And a lesson to go along with that fun!
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