Water Play

Don't steal that's not nice

Today we should have been doing another day of ABC Countdown, but Fro Baby is suffering from pink eye and I have her quarantined to her room with Daddy for the day. So we have no field trip today.

Don't steal that's not nice

I got to hang out with Baby G all day today and it’s been well over due some just Baby G and Mommy time. It’s a beautiful day today and I have the perfect activity for Baby G.  She like many other babies, toddlers, children loves playing with/in water, it has a nice calming effect. Plus who doesn’t like splashing in water.
I grabbed some of Baby G’s favorite cups and silicone bowls along with some bottle caps, and glass beads
After a while of playing Daddy took over, it was  Mommies turn to cater to the pink eye child.

Don't steal that's not nice

I am hoping to get back to doing the ABC Countdown next week but until then you guys can enjoy some Baby G and Mommy play.

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3 Responses to Water Play

  1. My husband keeps saying he’s going to build the kids a water table this summer, but if he doesn’t this is a great way to temporarily make one!

  2. A great summer DIY. Thank you for sharing your post at the #WWDParty – Have a wonderful week ahead!

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